Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Week in Patterns (4-May-2015)

Lots of patterns to go through this week, but sadly, I didn't find many of them exciting. Hopefully, you find them more interesting than I did!

BurdaStyle - May 2015 Plus Collection (Sea Breeze Collection)

After what has felt like months of fat-shaming shapeless sacks being marketed as "Plus" collections by Burda, BurdaStyle has finally released a Plus collection with some cute, non-sack patterns.

05-2015 #132 - Sundress with Pockets

I really love this. It's cute, should be flattering on a lot of figures, and is functional with those pockets. I can totally see me running around town in this on a Saturday.

BurdaStyle 05-2015 #132
05-2015 #129 - Raglan(?) sleeved tunic

“Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they? She’s a cool girl. Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Go ahead, shit on me, I don’t mind, I’m the Cool Girl." -- Amy Dunne in Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl"

Really, the only reason why I clipped this one is that I think that the model bears a resemblance to Rosamund Pike.

BurdaStyle 05-2015 #129

05-2015 #128A & 128B: V-neck dresses

This pair of V-neck dresses are a nice way to show of a striped fabric. I love that they have shoulder princess seams and a modesty panel (no needing to wear a cami!). The hidden pockets are a nice touch, too. I think that between these two dresses and the sundress with pockets, Burda may have earned some of my money this month.

BurdaStyle 02-2015 #128A

BurdaStyle 02-2015 #128B

Colette Seamwork - May issue

This month's Seamwork offered us a dress and a shrug.


I've been pretty "meh" on most of the Seamwork patterns so far, but I think this dress is kind of cute. I have similar patterns in my stash (and made up a similar Vogue pattern a few years ago). It has less shaping than the True Bias Southport, but is also a few dollars cheaper if you're buying the Seamwork patterns a la carte.
Colette Seamwork Adelaide

This, on the other hand? Not my style. And I just don't see this working well on anyone who isn't tall,  slim-figured, and flat-chested.
Colette Seamwork Sydney

New Look - Summer 2015 Release

The New Look and Simplicity summer collections were released at the same time. Neither collection was particularly exciting, but they did each have a couple of patterns that caught my eye.

New Look 6373 - Misses jumpsuit, romper, and dresses

This isn't particularly bra-friendly, and that ruffle wouldn't work on my own bust, but I do think that this is a cute pattern for summer. Nakisha at Sew Crafty Chemist has already sewn up a really cute version of this.

New Look 6373

New Look 6374

New Look 6374 isn't a particularly exciting pattern, but I've seen those shirred-shoulder, tab-collar tunics all over my office for the past year or so. This would be a great pattern to replicate a current RTW trend. Also, is that the same model from this month's Burda plus spread?

New Look 6374

New Look 6389

Noting this pattern because it's a rare tween pattern. I like this because it's cute, current, and age-appropriate for its target audience.
New Look 6389
Simplicity - Summer 2015 Release

I thought that this year's summer release from Simplicity was pretty boring. There were a few patterns, I guess, that could be kind of cute if you didn't need to wear a bra or could get away with a strapless or inserting a shelf bra into the pattern, but none of that applies to me. And since this is my pattern recap, I ignore non-bra-friendly patterns.

Oddly, the two patterns that caught my eye from this collection were both swimsuit patterns.

Simplicity 1116 - MimiG Swimsuits

MimiG's and my own personal style usually couldn't be further apart, but I did think that this was a nice-looking swimsuit pattern AND it goes well into plus sizes (size 28W is the highest offered). If I do tackle a swimsuit this summer, it will likely be using the retro-style two piece pattern that was in the most recent McCall's release (and that I just picked up on sale a few days ago). But if I wanted a non-retro style suit, I'd pick up this pattern.

Simplicity 1116
Simplicity 1120 - Child's rash guard and tankini set

How cute and current are these girls' swimsuits? I'll be picking up this pattern and making it for my daughter this summer. Eva is really into tutus and twirly skirts these days, and these swimsuits look like something that she'd pick out herself.

Simplicity 1120
StyleArc - May 2015 release

Hazel Combo

The Hazel is another cocoon silhouette from StyleArc. This one has a top or dress option. They seem to be offering this style a lot lately. It's not really my style, so none of these variations has grabbed me.
StyleArc Hazel Combo
Faith Woven top

The Faith woven top is May's freebie. I like it, but I hate sewing pintucks (they're optional with this pattern), and I already own the somewhat similar previous freebie Stephanie blouse, so I'll take a pass on this month.

StyleArc Faith Woven top


Final Thoughts and a word on Me Made May


So, lots of new patterns were released this week, but none really grabbed me outside a couple of those Burda dresses. If you're still building your pattern stash, I could see a few of these appealing, though.

I won't be participating in Me Made May (drink!) this month, largely because I wear something "me-made" nearly every day, anyways. It's not really a challenge for me. But good luck to those who are participating (both in the challenge and in the drinking game)!


  1. Good offerings from Burda. Agree that the McCalls are kind of meh. Waiting for the summer Buttericks. PR's plus size contest seems to be heading south over the rule#3 ... sheesh... you'd think they'd have learned something about their more militant curvy posters by now. We are no longer quiet about snarky bs.

    1. Sigh. I've been watching that. That contest/thread is a real *facepalm*, isn't it?

    2. I happen to like the rule because I always want to buy the patterns that curvy poster make look so good!

    3. I'm not sure what's going on with the contest. But apparently we can't even talk amongst ourselves.

    4. No soup for us!

      Really, I can't believe that they locked BOTH threads related to the contest.

      I'm still on the fence as to whether I actually want to participate in the contest. The rules are pretty restrictive--there's both the infamous "rule #3" and the fact that you either have to sew a two-piece outfit or sew a dress. (They list "jumpsuits" as one-piecers, but I'm not sure that outside of Lekala or the new McCall's/Khaliah Ali pattern, there are any jumpsuit patterns that fit the criteria, since most are misses' patterns.)

    5. Well, it seems new rules are afoot. Maybe they could have avoided so much confusion and controversy by asking possible entrants what were some things they'd have liked to have seen before trying to draft the rules by themselves? Likewise with the beginner contest. I get the feeling at times that some folks over there don't really want meaningful input.

    6. "Really, I can't believe that they locked BOTH threads related to the contest."

      They? Hah. She.

    7. Hey, Madeline could have been involved in the thread locking!

      BTW--the original Plus Size contest thread has indeed been deleted now.

    8. I'm not going to get too bunched over deleting the old plus thread. With two threads with basically the same names in one forum, that would be asking for more confusion. "I know the other one says topic closed, and this one is pinned, but what are the rules? Can I enter?"

      Is the rule thread (now closed) in the plus forum still up?

    9. Speaking of Madeline, I've been wondering if she ended up with any success trying to secure prizes. First place sponsor - Bass Pro Shops 4-man tent. Second place - Eiffel Tower keychain

  2. Great roundup!! That girls swimsuit pattern is ADORABLE!!! And, I swear to goodness, S1116 was *exactly* the suit I envisioned when I was looking for one piece patterns. I have to get that!

    I don't like either Style Arc BUT I do like that they have the two views as one pattern. There was a release awhile back (a jacket and vest) that looked identical (I admit I could be wrong) but were two separate patterns.Ooh and I missed that NL pattern. I like it...May consider that one :)

    1. Yeah, StyleArc released a moto vest and a moto jacket a while back that were so similar that at first glance, the most noticeable difference was that the jacket had sleeves and the vest didn't.

  3. In general, not a fan of the MimiG style, but for a swimsuit it makes sense. But. But. But. Is that just some odd styling or does one version of the suit have an ass train???

    WHY? WHY? (Nancy Kerrigan style)

    Oh, that Burda sundress is REALLY cute!

    1. It is *not* an ass train.

      It is a butt cape. ;)

    2. Butt cape is only apropos if your ass has super powers. Obs. ;)

    3. heehee! altho i do have to say that if my tushie every looked as good as hers it would be a miracle indeed. And that is a very cute suit with a glam and practical wrap - i love those ones that can double up for sitting on sand, etc. and cover lots of my pasty skins.

      Makes me consider running up a suit! Tho i live in Cali, i'd use it for hot tubbing. (rolls eyes at self)

    4. I figured that it was an oddly-styled coverup/wrap-type-thing. Because you can't have a MimiG pattern without "creative" styling, right? It's a nice suit, though!

  4. Enjoying pattern round ups popping up so frequently - very glad you have the time and inclination to put these together for us these days :)

    The Adelaide is the first of these button-front tank dresses which has me tempted - and this speaking as a lady who needs hot weather dresses a good six months of the year! I love the subtle shaping - bust darts in front, rish eye darts in the back - instead of a gathered waist. It ups the sophistication quotient a notch or two and opens up the possibility of using fabrics firmer than a rayon print. Nice price, too!

    I like the Burda sundress with pockets, as well - another more sophisticated way of shaping thru the torso and a really pretty neckline. It's nice to see something between 'sprayed on' and 'pillowcase'.

    I've seen ladies with very imposing figures wear shrugs like the Sydney and look fantastic. You have to choose a fabric with drape but not droopy, and some type of texture/pattern/print works well to break up the area and bring light and color to the face. In my opinion it's much like a piece of jewelry in that way. The diagonal edge of the overlay will help break up the area and provide a graceful line as well. Not my speed, i get claustrophobic in third layers that go over the head! But i like to see pieces that won't work on everybody, ones that would look good on everyone can get pretty boring.

    1. Those are all really good points. And I openly admit that I see most patterns through the filter of someone who tries to fit and flatter a large bust. Actually, I think that shrug could have potential on someone with a pear-shaped figure, slender or not.

    2. I m seriously thinking of making the topper for my mother in law who will be starting chemo soon.

    3. That would be really nice. My dad was always cold when he was going through chemo (as are most people, I believe).

    4. LBFQ, that would be very nice indeed. It is so nice to have something new and luxe when you're getting assaulted by chemicals. And it takes so little fabric it's easier to splurge on something special. Best to you and MIL :)

      Michelle, you are very upfront about your point of view, and it makes total sense. I'm just old and obssessed with clothes, so i've had time to see all type of things come and go. I remember the things that surprised me that they worked!! ;)

  5. Laughed at the drinking game reference!

  6. I really like the Sydney - it is the first of the Seamwork patterns to catch my eye. I have a bust but a long body, so cropped shrugs and jackets work on me. I am imagining it in an embroidered organza from my stash - I think it could dress up some dresses for summer evenings.

    1. Oh yeah, I could see the shrug being cute on someone long-waisted. I am not long-waisted in the slightest, so that hadn't occurred to me.

  7. The Adelaide is certainly cheaper than the Southport and it would be easy enough to morph the A into the S, if one were so inclined. I'm not. That style does me no favors.

    1. Yeah, I made the similar Vogue pattern (the one with the same shape, without the placket) a few years ago. It was okay, but I never wore it after the first summer that I made it.

  8. I put the Burda V Neck dress on my pattern wish list to mature.