Sunday, May 17, 2015

Last Week in No Patterns (17-May-2015)

I didn't write a pattern roundup post this week because we didn't have any new pattern releases, outside of a couple of StyleArc beach coverups that were released late on Saturday. I'll include those in next week's roundup.

I am hoping to get pictures taken of a new project that I finished, so I should have a post with some actual content in the next few days!


  1. I'm looking forward to the Burda Style US summer issue. Promises of big changes. We'll see! If they do keep the promises, it will be worth buying.

    1. In looking for info about the summer issue on Burda's site... it looks like Burda is publishing a Burda Plus hard cover book! 24 plus size patterns!

    2. Yeah, I never subscribed to the US version of Burda. I bought the first issue, but was pretty turned off in subsequent issues by them charging for the individual pattern downloads. These days, if I like a magazine pattern, I just wait for it to show up on BurdaStyle and buy the download.

      I did see that they were publishing a Burda Plus book (this summer, I believe). Given how horrifically hit-and-miss Burda's plus offerings are, I'll be curious to see what patterns they include in the book.