Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here come the sundresses!

I haven't had much time to sew these past few weeks, but I've working on additional versions of New Look 6457 when I've had the chance. Except for my lovely linen jacket (which, of course, the weather has been to warm for me to get much use of), this dress is pretty much the only thing that I've sewn in recent months that I've been happy with. Feeling very much like I needed (okay, wanted) some new clothes this summer, I lined up an assembly line of three different versions of this dress. Amazingly enough, I'm really happy with how all three of these new dresses turned out.

First up are two different embroidered cotton versions (one is an eyelet, one is a batiste) made with fabrics that I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics. I left the piping detail off of the first one, and I think it looks fine that way.

The next version is very similar to the envelope picture. I think that this one might be my favorite in that it's the first one that I've been pulling out of the closet when they're all clean.

And finally, this last one was my attempt to make something flattering/wearable with the navy blue and white fabric that I bought from Yardage Town last year. I made a top with this last summer (one of my very first garments), and although it looked cute as heck on the hanger, it was NOT a good style for someone who was full-busted. Throw in that I needed to do an FBA on it (and didn't know what that was at the time), and you get a top that's hanging in my closet waiting for me to lose a significant amount of weight. I do still like this fabric and think that it made a very cute dress.

I'm currently working on a couple of shirts (McCall's 4399) for my fiance. I'm just doing a few fairly boring versions of this for him to have a few new shirts to wear to work and probably won't bother photographing them or updating my reviews for this pattern. Between that and us going on vacation next week, it'll probably be a little while before I sew anything interesting and/or post anything here. :)

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  1. Great job. I have checked your blog almost daily and was excited to see more dresses. They are cute and i like the middle one too. Have a fun vacation.