Finished projects 2014 (Me)

I've set up this page to show a snapshot of my finished non-toddler projects for the year (2014). I've included both my "hits" and "misses" in this list.

StyleArc: Slip-on Suzie Dress

Easy-to-sew faux wrap dress with long or short sleeve options.

StyleArc Slip-on Suzie dress

HotPatterns: 1130 Weekender Triple Torque Top

Set of patterns for three different draped knit tops with various sleeve options.
HotPatterns Triple Torque Top


HotPatterns: 1121 Riviera Cote D' Azur Knit Dress

Flattering and easy to sew pattern with dress, tunic, and top options. All views have ruching at the bust, and the tunic and dress have faced hems. The dress view (what I sewed) has a hi-lo hem.
HotPatterns Cote D'Azur Dress

HotPatterns: 1158 Fast & Fabulous Tailored Trackpant (4-Aug-2014)

Quick-and-easy and very on-trend lightweight print pant.  
HotPatterns Fast & Fabulous Tailored Trackpant

SBCC Patterns: 309 Mimosa blouse (28-Jul-2014)

A cute, easy-to-sew raglan woven blouse.  
SBCC Mimosa blouse

Colette Patterns: 1028 Moneta (28-Jul-2014)

Another Moneta dress for summer, this time in a solid bright blue.
Peacock blue Moneta

McCall's: 6966 knit maxi-skirt (21-Jul-2014)

A total PIA to cut out and fit, but in the end, a very cute and comfortable skirt.
McCall's 6966 maxi-skirt

HotPatterns: Weekender Daytona Hoodie (18-Jul-2014)

A fun, versatile hoodie pattern.

HotPatterns Weekender Daytona Hoodie (in white)
And this is the final look for the hoodie, after it lost a battle with a red t-shirt in the wash, and my husband and I dyed it "radiant orchid" to make it wearable again:

Hoodie dyed orchid

 HotPatterns: Weekender Daytona Hoodie (26-Jun-2014)

A fun, versatile hoodie pattern.
HotPatterns Weekender Daytona Hoodie

HotPatterns: Fast and Fabulous Blouse-Back Tee (23-Jun-2014)

Quick and easy t-shirt pattern with a twist.
HotPatterns Fast&Fabulous Blouse-Back Tee

SBCC: Julep Skirt (and another Tonic tee) (13-May-2014)

Fast and easy hi-lo hem skirt specifically drafted and proportioned for petites.
SBCC Julep skirt (and Tonic tee)

StyleArc: Amber top (1-May-2014)

Pull-over top with overlay and piping options.
StyleArc Amber top

Colette Patterns: Moneta dress (29-April-2014)

Super easy and flattering basic knit dress.
Colette Moneta

Colette Patterns: Mabel skirt (16-April-2014)

Comfortable pencil skirt pattern designed for stable knits.
Colette Mabel skirt

StyleArc: Olive spliced tee (17-Mar-2014)

Pieced t-shirt pattern with long and short-sleeve options.

StyleArc Olive spliced tee

SBCC/Deer and Doe mashup: Plantainized Tonic tee (6-Mar-2014)

Details of the popular Deer and Doe free download pattern morphed onto the SBCC Tonic tee.
Tonic tee with Plantain details

Lekala: 4319 draped tunic (26-Feb-2014)

Made-to-your-measurements draped tunic pattern from Lekala. This one was a total fail.
Lekala 4319

HotPatterns: Fast and Fabulous Four Seasons Kimono Jacket (10-Feb-2014)

On-trend kimono-style jacket. I used a sweater knit and made a cardigan version.
HotPatterns Fast and Fabulous Kimono Jacket

SBCC: Tonic tee - version 2 (20-Jan-2014)

Another version of the SBCC tonic tee.

SBCC Tonic Tee (version 2)

SBCC: Tonic tee (14-Jan-2014)

The popular free download SBCC tonic tee.

SBCC Tonic tee


  1. Thanks for sharing great fitting cloths. You have a great sense of style.Nice fabric choices.

  2. You look great. Thanks for sharing your fabric sources. Great knits can be hard to find.

  3. Wow I am so impress with the out come of everything you make. Thank you for sharing. I so please to read your blog....