Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday tapas

We all know that tapas are "small bites". I have several little updates that I wanted to post, but that didn't warrant a whole post to themselves.

Two new HotPatterns!

Okay, I'll admit it. I was stalking the HotPatterns web site this morning. Trudy always releases her new patterns on a Friday, and it had been nearly two months since the last new HotPattern (the Mr. HP Nice & Easy T, which I've already made twice for my husband, so far).  I figured that we were due for a new design or two, and I couldn't be more excited about the new releases, which I want to Sew. Right. Now.

First up is the Weekender Daytona Hoodie:

HP Weekender Daytona Hoodie

Isn't this cute? I had a couple of hoodies like these in the 90's, and I wore the heck out of them. I love the shoulder gathers, too. As I plow through the merino wool jerseys from my FabricMart binges, I will need to set aside a length or two for one of these hoodies.

Also new is one of those high-low hem skirts that we're seeing everywhere right now:

The Deco Vibe Swallowtail Skirt

I was actually looking at a similar pattern to this one from another company, but I'm just going to go with the HotPatterns version--I like it a little better, and I know how HotPatterns fit me.

I think this will look great with boots and one of the many tops that I'll be making from my merino wool jerseys.

Both patterns are 20% off now through the weekend (midnight, EST), too. Yes, I've already ordered both--did you even have to ask?

Sewing Expo in Puyallup

The big sewing expo in Puyallup is happening this weekend. I've never been to a sewing expo before, but this is a big one, and I'm really excited about checking it out. My mom will be in town for a few days starting tomorrow (so no sewing this weekend, probably), and we'll be hitting the expo together on Sunday. If you see two women who are clearly mother and daughter trying to calm down a 20-month-old toddler who is throwing a tantrum because she's had a bolt of fabric taken away from her, feel free to say "hi"!


As I lick my wounds from the likely wadderness of Lekala 4319, I decided that I needed a pick-me-up instant gratification project. I considered the Deer & Doe Plantain free t-shirt download, which I'd already printed out. But, then I had these thoughts:
  1. If I make the Plantain, I'll need to tape together the PDF print out, and cut out the paper pattern.
  2. The Plantain's largest size is 46. I'll likely need to do some grading up and/or FBA'ing.
  3. Can't I just adapt the Plantain details that I like (elbow patches, a-line-ish hem) to my already-beloved SBCC Tonic tee pattern?
 #3 nailed it for me: I am Plantain-ifying my SBCC Tonic tee. I took a look at the pattern pieces from the Plantain and did a guesstimate adaptation to my Tonic tee. You can see the altered side seams/neckline in this photo:

And I love the elbow patches. I think they're adorable. So, I cut out the elbow patch piece from a contrasting fabric and used the Plantain pattern to adapt the patch placement:

I interfaced the elbow patches for stability with tricot interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply, and used a wide zig-zag patch to attach the patches:

It's taken me about an hour to adapt the pattern, prep, and attach the patches. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get a wearable new top out of this experiment.


  1. So looking forward to seeing that skirt sewn up - love the look of it. Your tee is coming along nicely - good luck - the patches look nicely sewn on.

  2. I'm with BeaJay-- those patches are great. I can't wait see the final product.

  3. You will love the expo! We have spent the last two days there, great shopping and seminars, and so much color and creativity in one place, it is amazing! We have one more day there, but will miss Sunday. Have a great time!

  4. I'm kinda lackluster on that skirt-- just not feeling the mullet hem. But I love that hoodie. I have this holo-dot print jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics, but I have only 1 yard, and it is LOUD. I love the idea of a basic navy or black with this loud pink print on the hood or shoulders (or even pocket).

  5. I got Style Arc's freebie for March email and immediately thought of you!

  6. Ugh! I don't need encouragement on the March freebie! My first reaction was, "Gah! I really like that, but I just ordered in February!" (Not like I don't have about a half-dozen more StyleArc patterns on my wishlist...)