Friday, December 18, 2015

This Week in Patterns (18-Dec-2015)

We had a fairly quiet week in pattern releases this past week, as many people start to wind things down for the holiday season. Here's who released patterns this past week (okay, the McCall's release was really last week):
  • McCall's
  • StyleArc
McCall's: Early Spring 2016 Collection

If you click the link to this collection on McCall's website, you'll find a whole lot of boring prom dress patterns at the top. Or, at least, I find prom dress patterns boring since I'm not sewing for a 16-year-old girl. Beyond that, the rest of the collection is mostly inoffensive--there's nothing as bad as the laughable ruffled leggings from their previous release, but also not much to get excited about. The patterns that I'm listing here are the few that caught my eye for one reason or another.

M7314: Misses' Shirtdresses

It looks like McCall's is following up their perennially popular M6696 shirtdress with cup sizes with another shirtdress pattern with cup sizes. The new version has a curved waist and the button placket stops at the waist seam. It also only has waist darts instead of bust-and-waist darts, which should actually make for an easier FBA, if you're like me and still need one even on a D-cup pattern piece.

M7319: Misses' Gathered Waist Dresses

This dress is really cute, fairly unique, and should look good on most figure types. This one will be on my "must have" list.

M7330: Misses' Button-up Jumpsuits and Rompers

This collection has a button-up romper/jumpsuit pattern that's a little more sporty-looking than the drapier jumpsuit patterns that we've largely been seeing. I think that this could be cute in the right fabric, but in the wrong fabric, you'll risk looking like a zookeeper or an auto mechanic.
M7341: Yaya Han Zippered Bodysuit

I'm not a cosplay person, but I do appreciate the fact that this collection includes a true plus size bodysuit pattern. You could use this pattern as the basis for a lot of different costumes, AND it's available in a truly expansive size range. With the popularity of cosplay, I can imagine that McCall's will sell quite a few of these.
StyleArc: Cameron Dress

The Cameron dress is the sort of throw-on and go dress that usually makes a great instant gratification project. I could see where someone might think of this dress as a sack with an elastic waist, but I have more faith in StyleArc's drafting than that. I made a similar dress (the HotPatterns Uptown Downtown dress) and got a lot of wear out of that for a few years. I like the wrap option on the skirt of the StyleArc, too, which is something that sets it apart from similar patterns.

StyleArc - Cameron Dress

Final Thoughts

So, I'll probably pick up that McCall's crossover dress on sale, and I could see myself getting the StyleArc dress at some point, but that's probably about it for now.  Thoughts?


  1. Not all that inspired by the patterns this week either, but just wanted to say *thank you* for these posts. I love your patterns of the week posts best of al, thanks for taking the trouble to do them.

  2. How would you style the Cameron dress so it didn't look a sack? Would you belt it or just wear scarves, jewellery? Of just wear it and go? I am drawn to these styles but at 60 plus have an old lady aversion to elasticticated waists in anything but gym gear.

  3. Thanks again for this thoughtful post, Michelle! Oh and we'll see how excited you'll get about prom dress patterns in about twelve years time ;)

  4. M7319 Is interesting. The waist doesn't look very gathered. The back v looks a little low?

  5. The McCalls release isn't for me--so many dresses, which I don't do. But I didn't realize that the bodysuit pattern had such a great size range. That's really nice to see!

  6. I echo others' sentiments that these posts are interesting and fun to read. I look forward to them!

  7. Love these posts. Keep it up1

  8. I had a look at the McCalls collection. The cosplay corset is really very nice too. Such lovely shaping. Thanks for the links. I love these posts too. Xx

  9. I think M7313 looks alot like the very popular "Lady Skater" pattern from a few years back.

  10. I agree—I love the bodysuit, in an "I would never, ever wear it" way. I think a fitted coverall from the jumpsuit pattern might look cute.
    I have a VERY high waist, and blouson waist dresses like the Updown/Downtown and Cameron need to have the waist raised to work for me.

  11. I was kind of on the fence about the Cameron as I thought it would look like a bit of a sack on me - but you remind me of Style Arc great draft, so I think it is a "yes". I'm also with you on the M7319.

  12. Love these posts too!

    Best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

  13. love these posts and also want to compliment you on your "unbiased reporting" (to use an overused and often ironic phrase) A lot of indie patterns seem unoriginal or overpriced to me but I do enjoy that you highlight all the various releases both indie and Big 4/5 and give some good pros and cons on each. always gives me something to think about. thanks !

  14. Another voice chiming in to say I love these posts and appreciate your efforts in rounding up the offerings from a wide world of garment patternmakers for us to consider - thank you!

  15. I'm loving the Stylearc Cameron. I have made simplicity 2929 which is similar with the blouson top, but I'm loving the wrap skirt part! Can see me making it, although I have a problem with stylearc that they are single size and I am downsizing my body and my practical side says it would be a waste of money getting this pattern until my weight stabilises.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!