Friday, February 5, 2016

This Week in Patterns (5-Feb-2016)

Sorry about not posting for a few weeks, but the pattern releases have been trickling in this winter. I'm seriously considering scaling back this post series to an every-other-week (or even once-monthly) frequency while things are somewhat slow in terms of new patterns.

Since the last post in this series, we've had new releases from the following companies:
  • Butterick
  • Colette/Seamwork Magazine
  • Kwik Sew
  • Sew Over It
  • StyleArc
Butterick: Spring 2016 collection

First up, we have the Butterick 2016 spring patterns, which were released yesterday. Overall, I think that this is a pretty solid collection, with something for everyone. However, nearly ever garment is made up in a print, so you really have to drill down into the individual web pages for the technical drawings to see what's going on with most of these. Here are a few that caught my eye:

B6333: Misses' shirtdress

Hey, it's a shirtdress that's really similar to the ever-popular McCalls M6696, but without the back poof of the McCall's and WITH shoulder princess seams instead of darts. Yes, I will be picking this up at the next Butterick sale.

B6322: Misses' Ruched Corset-style Dress (Patterns by Gertie)

Gertie clearly took her recent dirndl obsession a step further by designing this dirndl-inspired dress for Butterick's spring collection. I actually think that this is super cute, but this dress would never work on my boobtastic figure. Design-wise, though, it's youthful, and should be flattering on non-busty figures, and it's a fun, unique design.

B6323: Misses' One-Shoulder Dress (Patterns by Gertie)

Further evidence that Gertie has something against boobs.

B6321: Misses' Square Neck Dresses (Lisette)

If you get rid of the boob flaps, B6321 is a cute dress.


B6320: Misses' Sweetheart Neckline Dress and Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit view of this is similar to a romper that I've seen pop up on Modcloth. It's a cute design, although with those defined "cups", I can't see this being particularly large-bust friendly, if you're over a D-cup. Yes, you could FBA/enlarge the cups, but that will throw off the proportions of the look.


B6331: Misses' Trench Jacket and Pants

I LOVE this trench jacket from Lisette. I have plenty of basic pant patterns and have generally found the Big 4 crotch curve to not be a good fit for me, but these would probably work well for others.


Colette/Seamwork Magazine: February 2016 Issue

The theme for February is "The Intimate Issue", which isn't surprising given that many organizations/companies/whatever go with a lingerie theme for February. (Heck, over at the Curvy Sewing Collective, we chose February for our lingerie-themed month.)

Seamwork: Almada Robe

First up is a robe with an interesting, if possibly not particularly practical sleeve design:

Seamwork - Almada robe
Seamwork: Lisbon Slip/Nightie

The Lisbon is a princess seamed (!) bias slip or nightie with an optional modesty panel. With my giant boobs, traditional slips or nighties without an underbust seam tend to hang off of me like a tent, so I'm intrigued by this one.

Seamwork - Lisbon slip/nightie
Kwik Sew: Spring 2016 Release

We had a small release for spring from Kwik Sew this past week. Of the 20 patterns included in the release, only 10 of them are for adult women (the rest are crafts or children's patterns). Of those 10, most look either somewhat dated by a few years or like patterns that you could easily find in other catalogs.


The one pattern that did jump out at me was K4155, a princess seamed shirtdress with a gored 1/4-circle skirt:
Sew Over It: Tulip Skirt

On-the-rise British pattern company Sew Over It released a new skirt PDF pattern recently. This one is for a tulip-style skirt and is appropriately named "Tulip Skirt":

Sew Over It - Tulip Skirt
StyleArc: Februrary 2016 Release

It's a new month, so we have new StyleArc patterns available.

StyleArc: Alegra Coat/Jacket

The Alegra is a cocoon-style jacket or coat with raglan sleeves.  Put this one in the category of "I think that the design is interesting, but I'm not sure that I could wear it."

StyleArc - Alegra jacket/coat

StyleArc: Talia woven pant (freebie option)

The Talia is a straight-legged woven pull-on pant with optional welt pockets and elastic in the back part of the waistband. This looks like it could be a really useful pattern, and it's one of the freebie choices for the month of February if you purchase at least one other StyleArc paper pattern.

StyleArc - Talia pant
StyleArc: Allison Skirt

The Allison is an elastic waist skirt with inverted pleats at its gores. I really like this skirt--it's cute and looks like it would be swishy and comfortable. If I were to place an order this month, it'd be a tough decision for me between the Talia pant and the Allison.

StyleArc - Allison skirt

Final Thoughts

So those are the big releases of the past few weeks, as they've come trickling in. Would anyone be heartbroken if I scaled back the frequency of this roundup series, given that we're not being inundated with the flood of new patterns that we were a year or two ago?  Also, what are your picks from this batch?


  1. I like the the Butterick shirtdress of these. Like the Lisette trench jacket too, but if I was to make one, I'd be referring to my back copies of Burda which have featured a gazillion trench jacket patterns over the years.
    The Style Arc jacket/coat is different, but I think those deep armholes would give me the willies after a while.
    As far as the regularity of these posts are concerned - whatever works for you! I'll read these posts whenever you care to write them.

  2. I love your pattern release reviews, so write them whenever you please. I'll wait 8-).

    I too, am in love with B6331, next time Butterick are on sale here (Canada), I will be grabbing this one.

  3. I would be sad if you scaled them back, BUT I would never want you (or anyone who blogs for fun!) to feel obligated to post. And whenever you post em I'll be here! Lol!

    I love that trench jacket. It's totally something I would wear but don't think it replaces a traditional trench. I think it's a cool, casual option. And I LOVE the shirt dress!

    I could not get the McCalls to work for me with the waistband and that poofy back but this -- this will work.

    I really love my S8014 shirt dress but loved the pleats of m6696 so I'm so happy to see this one!!!

  4. I also love your pattern release reviews. However often you want to do them is good with me!

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  6. I absolute love your posts, so please keep writing them in a frequency that works for you!

  7. I really enjoy your pattern review posts too, and I'm agreeing with your other respondents - post at a frequency that suits you. I'd not heard of Sew Over It patterns, about to hop over and have a look. I've already had a look at the Butterick new patterns and the first historical sewing (6338) made me giggle.

  8. I so enjoy these, thank you for doing them! I don't mind how frequently you do so :)

  9. I love these posts that you do. :-) I saw that Butterick shirtdress and dismissed it since I have the McCalls, but I'll have to take a second look, and I really like the simplicity of the Kwik Sew shirtdress. Shirtdresses must be THE THING this spring.

  10. I also love these posts, but am happy to wait for whatever frequency works for you.

  11. I also love these posts, but am happy to wait for whatever frequency works for you.

  12. I love your posts about pattern releases. Keep them up whenever you can!,,

  13. Did we have a spammer in our midst? Ohhhhh, how fun!

    Okay. Patterns.
    That Lisette with the boob flaps. I can't unsee the flaps. It makes me think her tits long for the gift of flight.
    The Seamwork kimono. Huh. They say the sleeves are non-restrictive to permit freedom while brushing teeth. BUt I see night fashions for flying squirrels.
    Gertie's one shoulder dress reminds me of something a season 5 PR competitor made in the grocery store challenge.
    I like the Seamwork nightie/slip and can envision making that up as both.

    And like everyone else, I love these posts. I thank you for your efforts on them. And I'll take whatever frequency you prefer!

  14. I always look forward to reading about the new pattern releases here, I would miss so many if it weren't for your posts. But as others have said, only do them at a pace that works for you, I'd rather have them less often than risk losing them.

  15. I do like that shirt dress but apart from that not a lot. Thanks for doing these pattern round-up posts. I always find them very useful but it must be a lot of work for you. Happy to get them at all! :) Xx

  16. Thanks everyone! I was busy this past weekend and not online much, but I did read and appreciate every single one of your comments. :)