Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dress decision made

I wound up going in a different direction from either of the dress possibilities that I posted a few weeks ago. I've been so ridiculously busy that I decided that it was probably safer for me to go with something that would be easier to fit/sew.

I'm now nearly finished with Dress 413 from the Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Burda Plus. It's a fairly simple dress with a chiffon-type fashion fabric and a lining. Between the outer dress and the lining, the dress has twelve darts (!) total. I felt like I was sewing darts for forever on this one. The rest of the construction was pretty easy--it only has 6 different pieces, total, including the lining. Other than the darts, everything else was pretty much just sewing seams and a little bit of hemming. I managed to use my serger for just about all of the construction, other than the darts and the hem.

I'm not sure that I'm liking the fit on me. I started with the smallest size available--46--and did a moderate FBA, but I'm feeling like I should've graded down probably by about two sizes and done a much larger FBA (although that probably would've meant getting into dart rotation and such-- something that I'm not real confident with). I think I need to take it in a bit in the waist or something-- it still feels a bit "big" all over. Depending on if that works or not, I still have enough fabric left over (I think) to make a tie belt--that could help, although I don't generally like how I look with belts.

I'm also second-guessing my decision to lower the bust dart by about 1/2". I definitely needed it in the tissue fit, and I know that darts drop in fabric and accommodated for that, but in looking at the dress on me, the darts seem a tad low. I'll be playing around with pinching things to see if I can figure out a way to raise the dart up a tad. It's definitely not a full-blow wadder, but I don't know if it's something that I'll feel "pretty" enough in to wear to a friend's wedding. I'll post pics when I've got the dress completely finished.


  1. I've had my eye on this dress and wondered how it would turn out (like you, the 46 is just a bit too big for me). Looking forward to seeing how it works for you!
    ~Sarah (Sewer-Sewist)

  2. I'm hoping that my Burda Plus will FINALLY get to my newsagent tomorrow - I've been eyeing off the styles on the website for months!
    I'm glad you reviewed it, as I think I want to make this one - once I work out all the alterations I'll have to do.
    Looking forward to seeing your pics!

  3. Michelle, I got so excited to see you had a blog--and nothing since April. Whatcha been doing besides that skirt. Which I would have missed if I hadn't linked to your blog today, BTW. To make sure I don't miss any more of your reviews, I added you to my fav reviewers.