Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cake Red Velvet sew-along: Days 1-2

Day 1

We gathered our supplies and posted to the flickr group for our "Daily Point":

You can see that I have two versions planned, both using ITY jersey. The first version will be using that abstract black-and-white cross-hatched jersey purchased from the now-closed Fashionista Fabrics, and the second will be a blue, black, and white striped jersey (the blue is difficult to see in this pic) purchased from the Mill End Store in Portland on our recent trip there.

Day 2

My cat Jasmine helped out with this part.

I did make a few pattern alterations. I'm going with a 3/4 length sleeve on this version, rather than the short sleeve. To lengthen to a 3/4 sleeve, I simply measured on my arm where I wanted the sleeve to hit, then measured my arm circumference at that point. I used a ruler to extend the sleeve portion of the two bodice pieces.

Bodice back:

Bodice front:

Note that on the bodice front, I also did a 3" Deep Bust Alteration, per the Red Velvet DBA tutorial. I opted for this alteration because measuring from my shoulder to where I want my waist seam to be was 3" longer the CF of the bodice pattern piece. This is a great trick for empire/raised waist tops and dresses when the seamline would actually land on your bust.

The one other alteration I did was to shorten the midriff band by 1.5". This is an alteration that I'm carrying over from the Tiramsu, which has a similar sized/shaped midriff band. Additionally, I'm planning to use the inseam pockets from the Tiramisu, rather than the invisible zipper pocket. This is purely do to personal preference--I prefer (and will wear more frequently) anything where I can easily access my cell phone. My Tiramisu gets a LOT of wear, partially for this reason. (That, and I love the print/stripes and get compliments whenever I wear it.) 

In summary, I'm making the following alterations/hacks to my Red Velvet:
  • Lengthen sleeves to 3/4 length
  • 3" DBA
  • Shorten midriff band by 1.5"
  •  Replace invisible zipper pocket with inseam pockets
  • Shorten dress skirt by 2"
  • Bind neckline (rather than use a facing). Per Steph's recommendation, I'll be trimming about 1/2" off the neckline before I bind it.
Anyway, I did get everything altered and cut out last night. Here's my Day 2 "Point"-scoring pic:

 I don't enjoy doing pattern alterations or cutting fabric. I am looking forward to the next few days where I'll actually get to start stitching my dress!


  1. I'm with you. Much more fun to sew. Unfortunately you have to do the prep :-(