Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sewing Goals 2104: 12-piece capsule wardrobe

I'm writing this post to expand on the capsule wardrobe goal that I original mentioned in my Sewing Goals 2014: Non-stash related post. To recap, about a week and a half ago, Trudy from HotPatterns sent out a promo email advertising 12 patterns that would temporarily be 20% off and could be used to build a capsule wardrobe for spring. She included example photos of the garments plus suggested patterns that could be used for each garment.

HotPatterns Spring 2014 capsule wardrobe

Usually, I like the idea of capsule or "mini" wardrobes far more than I think that said wardrobe would actually work with my lifestyle (casual office/mom-on-the-go), but this one differs to me for several reasons:
  • This capsule pretty much nails how I typically dress and would include a number of garments to address holes in my current wardrobe.
  • Many of the pieces are neutral, so I can start wearing them as soon as I sew them without having to wait to sew up a companion/coordinating piece.
  • I already own all of the patterns on this list or have a reasonable substitute in my stash.
  • I already own fabric in my stash that can be used to make every garment on this list.
  • Of the 12 patterns (or my substitutes), 9 come from my Stash Candidates List.
I don't plan to sew exclusively for this capsule wardrobe until I'm finished; I'd burn out pretty quickly that way. Instead, I plan to use this list as a checklist. My goal is to get through this list of 12 garments by the end of 2014. Additionally, in some case I will be substituting a garment that is similar "in spirit" to the suggested garment out of my own personal preference.

Shall we take a closer look at the 12 garments in the capsule wardrobe list?

# Garment Suggested pattern My interpretation
1 Shapely denim shirt HP P&S Princess-seamed shirt I'm not a fan of denim shirts--too many memories of friends working at Blockbuster in the 90's. I will substitute another neutral woven blouse for this, using either the P&S Superfantastic shirt or the Riviera Montserrat blouse, probably in white cotton shirting.
2 Slouchy striped t-shirt HP Weekender Breton T I just completed a semi-fitted striped t-shirt using the SBCC Tonic t-shirt pattern. I think this top nicely captures the spirit of the HP suggestion.
3 Fitted white t-shirt HP P&S Fitted t-shirt redux I'll either give the suggested pattern a try or will make the SBCC Tonic t-shirt pattern again using a white rayon t-shirt jersey.
4 Relaxed gray t-shirt HP P&S Relaxed t-shirts Most of my gray t-shirt fabric in my stash is already slated to become t-shirts for my husband. I may choose another color for this one. For the pattern, I'll either give the suggested pattern a try, or will go ahead and use the SBCC Tonic t-shirt pattern again.
5 White jeans HP Classix Nouveau Dressy Jean I won't do white jeans. They still scream 80's to me, and I'm not slim or young enough to wear them. For this item, I'm leaning towards swapping in a pair of HP Classix Nouveau Dolce Vita slim cut pants in a stone color or maybe black.
6 Fun color jeans or pants Classix Nouveau Dolce Vita slim cut pants I have a nice length of brick red stretch denim in my stash. It's still a fun color, but doesn't scream that you have to be under 30 to wear it. I'm thinking of going with either the HP Classix Nouveau Dressy Jean or the HP Weekender Boyfriend Jean for the pattern.
7 Boyfriend jeans HP Weekender Boyfriend Jean I have plenty of denim in my stash in varying blue dyes. I'll choose one of them to go with the suggested HP Weekender Boyfriend Jean pattern.
8 Slim denim skirt HP P&S Slouchy Fly Front Skirt Based on the line drawings, I think that the Cake Hummingbird skirt is probably better suited to my figure. I'll be making that in denim from my stash.
9 Fun print top or blouse HP Classix Nouveau Scarf Shirt I'll be using the suggested HP Classix Nouveau Scarf Shirt pattern for this garment. I haven't decided on which stash fabric to pair with it yet.
10 Solid t-shirt dress HP P&S Relaxed t-shirts I don't see a lengthened relaxed t-shirt being the best choice for my figure, but I get and like the idea of this entry. I think that the HP P&S Essential Shift Dress in a nice ponte knit from my stash will be a suitable replacement.
11 Black crop or moto jacket HP Metropolitan Agostini Moto jacket or HP Riviera Blvd Cardigan Jacket I made a version of the HP Riviera Blvd Cardigan jacket a while back and liked it, but I'm leaning towards the HP Metropolitan Agostini Moto jacket on this one. For either jacket, I'll be using a black ponte knit from my stash (thank you FabricMart). I've been wanting to make a moto jacket for a while, and the Agostini has the added benefit of paneled seams and not being double-breasted.
12 Belted gray cardigan/jacket HP Fast & Fabulous Four Seasons Kimono Jacket I've already started this one. I'm using the suggested HP Fast & Fabulous Four Seasons Kimono Jacket pattern and making it up in a firm wool sweater knit.


  1. Nice plan - loving the sound of that brick coloured denim.

  2. I, too, don't do white jeans or denim shirts. I did a denim shirt circa 1992. But I can't say I ever did white jeans, and I have no interest in starting now. The jury is out on colored jeans. That might perhaps be too close to the floral printed jeans of the mid-1980s. Mine were painted, as was the style, and I had a purple shaker stitch sweater to go with. It was one of the few trendy outfits I had in high school. Thankfully, I'm not a "Dedicated Follower of Fashion." I definitely want a print shirt and a classic button down in white and/ or navy.

  3. I was against colored jeans when they first came back in style for the same whole I-wore-them-in-the-80's thing, but they've been back for a couple of years now. They're probably due to be heading back out of style, which of course, is also probably why I feel comfortable making/wearing a pair now.

    I won't do floral or animal printed pants/jeans, but I've seen the occasional pair with a small geometric print, and I think I could do that.

    I think that the last denim shirt I owned was also 1992-ish.

  4. Have you checked out the Flip competition at frances suzanne?
    March is the boatneck shirt from Blank Slate.

  5. I had not seen that. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. With the stuff you're making for your daughter, you should try some of the kids' sewing contests some bloggers have. Some of the prizes can be pretty cool!