Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pop will eat itself or a Plantain-ized version of a Tonic tee

If a sewing blogger knocks off a free download pattern with another free download pattern, does that mean that we've reached the end of the Internet?

What if the blogger includes a meme-ish picture of her cat in her post?

I used my (free) SBCC Tonic tee pattern to create my own version of the popular (free) Deer & Doe Plantain t-shirt, and I'm quite happy with it:

Plantain-ized SBCC Tonic Tee

I used one of my recent merino wool jersey purchases from FabricMart for the body of the tee. The patches are also merino wool jersey (leftover from one of my husband's Mr. HP tees.) I'm wearing my Plantain-ized Tonic tee paired with a StyleArc Gorgeous Gore skirt that I made ages ago and never got around to reviewing or blogging about.

The modifications that I made to my Tonic tee were to add an A-line flare from the waist (I added 1.5" to the bottom side seams, and blended this up to nothing at the waist) and added the actual elbow patches from the Plantain pattern, which I had previously printed out.

I interfaced the patches themselves with a lightweight fusible knit interfacing for stabilization, and used a wide zig-zag stitch to applique them onto the sleeves. I used the same patch placement as was shown on the actual Plantain sleeves.

A few more quick notes:

  • I still haven't brought myself to finish my ill-fated Lekala tunic. Every time that I pull it out to play with the button placement/ruching distribution, it feels like an overwhelming task, and I end up putting it back on my desk.
  • I've had a few goodies arrive in the mail, recently:

    • My most recent FabricMart order, two ITY jerseys (one in solid red, the other in a very work-friendly black/white/gray/red print). The solid red will become a top, the print will become a skirt and a top (there's more of it than the solid):
    ITY knits from FabricMart

    • My StyleArc order from last month arrived! I ended up going with the Sandra jeans and Patsy top. I will say that I'm a little hesitant now about the Issy top that I was so excited about. Early comments from the blogosphere is that it's not particularly flattering on a large bust. I'll keep that in mind and will muslin it for the style out of a cheap knit, first. Of course, I had already placed my order before I ran into my Lekala ruching issues.

    StyleArc now includes a label with your order. I love little extras like this:

Receiving my new StyleArc patterns revived my interest in a few of my "old" StyleArc patterns. I've since cut out the Olive Spliced Tee. I compared it to my Tonic tee, and the Olive has more ease (as is the style), but the armscye placement is nearly identical. Hmmm...maybe that's partially why I've had mostly good luck with StyleArc?

I also really like the StyleArc freebie Nancy shirt (and some of the other new patterns) for this month.  I am trying to exercise willpower and not place an order, since I just placed one last month. (However, I did go ~6 months before that...)

My Ottobre Woman magazine arrived yesterday, as well, and contains a lot of promising patterns for basics. I'm thinking that I might do a round-up post that highlights my favorites sometime next week.


  1. Great outfit. Love your tee and skirt. Looking forward to seeing the StyleArc sewn up.

  2. Hahaha! Love your free pattern splicing :) that color is gorgeous.

    I have yet to get a style arc's coming though.

  3. Kittie says I prefer Shiner Bock!

    I like the Plantain Tonic. The patches are so cool. I do think I like the "regular" Tonic silhouette to the aline, but variety is the spice of life!

    And I LOVE that skirt!

  4. Hah. We're going to be twins. I have that circle knit (from FM) too. =) I'm looking forward to the SA top too.

  5. Do you Club BMV? McCalls are on sale for 2.29 until tomorrow (3/10)!