Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mini-Wardrobe Progress: Week 3

If you're sick of my mini-wardrobe posts, the month is almost over. I'm in the home stretch now!

mini-wardrobe status on 24-Jul-2014
Yup, I've completed four out of my five planned pieces. For the fifth (the HP trackpant), I've cut out and altered the paper pattern. I am really hoping to be done with everything (except documentation) by the end of the weekend. Unless there's some major unforeseen obstacle, I can't see the trackpants taking more than a half hour to cut out and more than two hours to sew.  (Famous last words, right?)

Plan update

A few more words about the planned trackpants. If you'll recall, last week I was undecided between a floral print or vaguely ethnic-ish dot/triangle print rayon challis, both of which were on their way from FabricMart. From the photos, I slightly preferred the dot/triangle print over the floral for this project, but FabricMart used the word "glitter" in the description. Yikes!  To me, glitter is worn by the types of women who wear pink tracksuits with the word "juicy" bedazzeled across their asses. In other words, not me.

Now, though having both fabrics in hand and having washed them both, the clear winner is the dot/triangle print. Yes, there is noticeable "glitter", but I don't find it too awful unless the fabric is moving. (Side note: This fabric would make a great swishy skirt or dress.) The dot/triangle print is clearly from a different lot than the floral and is much beefier than the floral, making it much more appropriate for pants.  Frankly, outside of the glitter, I really love the print of the dot/triangle fabric. The true test will be if my husband notices or says anything about the glitter.

Where are the Mimosa and Moneta?

Unfortunately, I still don't have photos of the new Moneta or Mimosa blouse yet. My husband has promised me that we'll do a photo shoot this weekend, so I will definitely get pictures of those then and then will finally be able to blog about them and do my pattern reviews. Hopefully, I'll have the pants done by then, and I can get everything photographed in one long session.

I've seen surprisingly few Mimosa reviews/blog posts, which is a shame because it's a neat little blouse. While my Moneta post will be a drive-by (I only made one minor change from my last version), I'll have an in-depth post of mostly raves and a few minor frustrations about the Mimosa.

Overall, the mini-wardrobe contest has been a good challenge for me. I wouldn't want to do this every month, but it's been a very good way for me to be very productive on working towards a plan in a short period of time--sort of like a "sprint", for those of you who are familiar with Agile software development.


  1. What is this Mimosa of which you speak? I read "Mimosa" and do not get an image of a neat little blouse, but a good start to the day. =)

    I just bought Moneta and Myrtle, so I'm interested in seeing your review.

    You're making great progress on your wardrobe. I can't wait to see it finished.

    1. Thanks! The Mimosa is a easy, raglan-sleevedblouse pattern offered by SBCC (of the famous Tonic tee): . I even made it in the same color as the pattern photo. :P

  2. You are flying through. I have only cut my fabric for 2 items and that is it. I won't finish but will be cheering you on .

    1. Thank you! I got my pants cut out this morning. I am hoping to get them sewn up over the weekend and then finish with photographing/blogging/reviewing everything.

  3. I have trouble persuading my husband to photograph for the blog too. Think He was hoping the blog would be a passing fancy!