Friday, November 7, 2014

This week in patterns (7-Nov-2014)

After several weeks where it seemed like collection after collection of holiday patterns were released, this week was relatively quiet in pattern news and releases.

True Bias - Sutton Blouse

This first pattern was actually released last week, but I became aware of it after I'd already published that week's post, so here it is now. True Bias, the designer behind the Hudson track pant, has released her second pattern, the Sutton blouse:

I don't really have a need for a woven kimono sleeve blouse pattern, and it seems like there are a lot of similar patterns already out there. This one is a pass for me.

StyleArc - November release

A new month always means new StyleArc patterns! This month, there's a dress pattern, a jacket pattern, and a choice between two freebie tops.

Patti Woven Dress

First up is a woven dress with interesting seaming:
StyleArc - Patti dress
Sienna Woven Jacket

Next is a woven unlined jacket that StyleArc says can be completed in an afternoon. I like the idea of this jacket, but I'm pretty over the waterfall/lapel thing at this point.

StyleArc - Sienna Woven Jacket

Freebie: Lotti Knit Top

The first freebie option is the Lotti knit top. I think that this is a really cute top....for someone else. I cant see how that bust level gathering could possibly be flattering on someone large-busted, but I'm sure that someone out there on Pattern Review or in the blogosphere will prove me wrong.

StyleArc - Lotti top

Freebie: Elsie Woven Overshirt

Oddly enough, my favorite new pattern out of this batch is this overshirt with a notched lapel collar. I like the neckline on this one a lot. It doesn't appear to have much shaping and is probably quite boxy when worn (read: not the most flattering shape on me), but it looks like it would be so comfortable for shlumping around on the weekend.

StyleArc - Elsie Overshirt

Colette Patterns - Seamwork magazine

Not really a release, but Sarai from Colette announced earlier this week that they would be releasing a digital sewing and pattern magazine in December named Seamwork. Each issue will contain two download PDF patterns and various articles on sewing-related things. The articles will be available free online, but the PDF patterns will be part of a paid subscription. The promise is that the PDF patterns will be simple things like loungewear and tote bags and will be projects that can be completed in under 3 hours. Pricing will be announced in December. If you sign up for a sneak peak, you'll be entered to win a possible free subscription. If you're interested in signing up, here's my own "sneak peak" link (i.e., I get extra entries if you sign up through my link):

I think that this is an interesting idea. Honestly, though, the thing that appealed to me the most about this announcement was Sarai saying that by pairing their more basic patterns with the magazine, they plan to release more complicated patterns as part of their regular pattern line. I really like Colette's hand-holding style of instructions, but I'm way past needing those for beginner patterns. I'd love to have my hand-held through more complex garments, like their earlier patterns were.

Perfect Pattern Parcel #7

Perfect Pattern Parcel #6 just ended, but the PPP team has already released PPP #7. This time, the PPP is a group of handbag patterns:

Perfect Pattern Parcel #7
There are some cute bags here, although I'm not familiar with any of the designers this time around. I don't sew a lot of handbags myself; I typically only sew one when one either dies or when I find I need one for a specific purpose. Not needing to add to my (small) handbag pattern stash, I'll be taking a pass on this one.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty quiet week in pattern release land, as I think that most designers/companies have released their fall or holiday patterns. We'll probably see a bit of a lull in releases until the new year starts.

I don't see any "must buy" patterns for myself this week, outside of possibly that StyleArc overshirt. The Colette announcement intrigues me, if only because I'm hoping that they'll release some more intermediate and advanced patterns in their regular releases next year.


  1. that Patti woven dress looks really nice in the line drawing. definitely my favorite from this batch.

  2. I'm still loving the waterfall/lapel thing. Does that make me an old fart? lol I think because it's a jacket layer but still casual enough for Florida. But my wallet is glad I'm not in love with any of this week's offerings. I have SO MANY patterns (including new HPs that arrived here this week) that I actually want to make. I need to focus more on them instead of the bright and shiny distractions. If only weekends were 4 days instead of 2 ...

  3. I don't make a lot of bags for myself. What kills most of them for me is finding the hardware (and I can walk to Seattle Fabrics with their wall of bag/marine supply hardware); I'm still trying to make a bag that just uses stuff you can pick up at any hardware store (okay, maybe not Home Depot but certainly a True Value or Ace).

    The Style Arc Elsie looks a lot like the Rebecca Taylor v1387, without the front shoulder piece (still frankenhacking that one here in the lab). I know, nothing new under the sun....hey, look, it's the sun! Quick, Seattle/King County-ites! Run outside NOW!

    Hey, any good raincoat patterns?

  4. Just duplicate everything you said, for me :)

    I love that Style Arc top. I probably wouldn't sew it for the upcoming tundra winter but for spring, it looks fantastic.

  5. Hi! I wondered if you could offer some expertise to a person asking about FBAs over on the Curvy Collective Forum, here:
    She needs to add 10", which is way beyond my own realm of experience... and no one has replied to her yet! (Since I spearheaded the "Project Mentoring" section of the forum, I feel a little like a mama hen, wanting everyone to get the help the need quickly!) Thanks!!! :) (And hope you don't mind that I thought of you! :)

    1. Done! I hope I can help her out. I've been in her shoes before, and it can be very frustrating.