Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New HotPattern for a good cause

First of all, I want to thank you all for all of the kind comments that you've left about my recently departed cat, Dante. I miss him dearly, and even though I haven't responded to individual comments on my post about him, please understand that I very much appreciate your thoughts and sentiments.

In more fun news, Trudy has released a new FREE HotPatterns PDF download in conjunction with a charity fundraising effort that she's helping out with:

HotPatterns Joyful Top pattern

HotPatterns Joyful Top
The top uses mixed fabrics--wovens, sheers, and knits and has hidden bust darts. While you can download the pattern for free, Trudy is hoping that if you are able to do so, you can chip in a few dollars towards a charity that she is helping to raise money for. The charity benefits a summer camp for kids with cancer, and you can click the following link to read a bit more and to donate:


I have made a small donation and downloaded the pattern, but have not printed it out or made it up yet. On the HotPatterns Facebook group, a few people asked questions about their printouts. Specifically, they asked how much to overlap the pages, since the pattern lacked a lined border to show the overlap. Trudy explained that the pages are NOT meant to overlap at all; just butt the pages up next to each other when taping them together. You'll get some blank spots where the printer cuts off before the edge of the paper, but you should hopefully be able to mentally "fill in the blank" of where the lines would be. (Note that until recently, SBCC pattern downloads did this same thing.)

Happy sewing!

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  1. Trudy is the mistress of subtle shaping!!! With big, square shoulders and a substantial bust, the only way i can avoid 'linebackeritis' is by taking out little bits of fabric and doing shaping here and there - at the armscye, under the bust peak, and most importantly between the bust points (so as to avoid the 'loaf' effect).

    I have come across no other home sewing pattern designer who consistently uses these techniques as does Trudy. Taking in just 1/4" on a seam around the bust can make such a difference in the silhouette and fit of the finished garment...yet so few designers use this technique. Yay HP!

    This is such a pretty, chic blouse! And i love the donation encouragement as well. And thank you for including the taping tip :)