Friday, February 20, 2015

This Week in Patterns (20-Feb-2015)

I'll be blunt. I'm still down in the dumps mentally/emotionally and not quite up for writing my usual weekly pattern round-up yet. I try to keep personal stuff (outside of kid/cat/dog pictures) mostly out of this blog, but on top of losing my cat, my dad has been dealing with some serious health issues for the past few months, and he had a major setback yesterday.

If that weren't enough, my team's office moved to a different neighborhood in downtown Seattle last week, so I'm still getting used to a new commute and a tougher parking situation (on days when I don't take the commuter bus). The upside to that is that we're now in a much cooler neighborhood (we're a block away from SubPop records, for example) that should allow me to easily reach a few of Seattle's best indie fabric stores (Nancy's Sewing Basket, Drygood Designs, and District Fabrics) with a short bus trip on my lunch break. So, um, lookout fabric stash?

Basically, I'm still not in the mood to snark or gush about anything. However, we've had a ton of new pattern releases over the past two weeks, and while I'm not doing a full write-up this week, I did compile a list of links and jotted down a few notes, if you'd like to click through and check them out yourselves. The New Looks and Simplicities came out yesterday, and while they're both mostly "meh", they did each have a couple of noteworthy designs (IMO), and I might very well cover those in more depth next week.

Anyway, here's an abbreviated round-up of new pattern releases for the past two weeks:
  • Bluegingerdoll: A-clan collection: Warm-weather collection of four patterns that coordinate with each other.
    • Abby singlet top
    • : Cute woven, button-down tank. Easily my favorite piece out of this collection.
    • Alicia shorts
    • Shorts with front pleats. There's something odd going on with the crotch on these in the pattern photo, which would make me wary of buying them.
    • Anne peek-a-boo knit top: Knit top with peek-a-boo cutout. Yeah, that's not going to work with my ginormous bust. I remember there being a similar Big 4 pattern to this in recent years, too, but wasn't able to find it quickly.
    • April gathered skirt: Basic, but cute skirt. If I wanted to make this, I'd probably opt for a Big 4 equivalent.
  • BurdaStyle Plus: Modern Museum Collection (02/2015) : Not as fug as last month, but nothing I'd want to sew or wear, either.
    • Day Dress : Dress with pleats over the boobs. Not going to work on the uber busty unless those pleats are stitched down, and then, what's the point?
    • Silk BlouseAnother boxy blouse from Burda Plus (ABBFBP).
    • Hi-Lo Plus size shirt: Meh.
    • Fringe Trim CoatA nice-looking coat, and it's actually not double-breasted.
    • Star JacketCute, if boxy, jacket. Not sure what's up with the giant star applique thingy.
    • Bootcut pantsTurkey-eatin' pants. They should have released these back in November. (Or maybe this is Burda's consession that plus sized women DO actually have sex and get pregnant--because these look an awful lot like my old maternity pants.)
    • Fold blouse: Blouse version of that same pleated dress.
    • Cargo pants: I like these (in a drapey fabric). I probably shouldn't, but hey, they look comfortable and POCKETS.
  • By Hand London: Sophia Dress (presale): The latest party dress from BHL. There are some interesting darts there--I'll be curious to see what this looks like on a curvy figure.
  • Jennifer Lauren Vintage: Felicity Dress: Cute, vintage-style dress.
  • New Look: Spring 2015: Mostly boring basics, but there's a casual wardrobe pattern in here that caught my eye.
  • Paprika Patterns: Jade skirt (re-release): The re-released Jade skirt now includes sizes 7-10 and a few other updates. Based on the fact that I flat-out like the skirt and my positive experience with the Jasper sweater, I've already purchased this.
  • Simplicity: Spring 2015: More mostly boring basics, but I liked one of the knit skirt patterns and the jumpsuit pattern. Because apparently I hoard (but don't sew) jumpsuit patterns.
  • StyleArc: Toni designer dress: Interesting dress, but not my style, and I'm not sure that I'd like the look on my figure, anyway.


  1. Sending big hugs from down under. Hope you get your smile back soon.

  2. Hugs to you and yours. I hope your father gets better. <3

    1. Thanks, me too. *fingers crossed for a full recovery*

  3. Hope you're doing OK. I'm probably going to be in Seattle in April and would love to meet up for a bit of shopping/tea if you're around??

    1. Yes! I'm in. I'm traveling the last few days of April, but should pretty much be around for the rest of the month and would love to go shopping and/or have tea!

  4. Things will get better soon Michelle!! Sending good vibes your way!

    Your post manages to still be spot-on. Next to nothing to get excited about lately.

    1. Thanks. At least the recent lackluster bunch of pattern releases has helped curb my pattern-buying habit, so that's good, right?

  5. Hang in there. It's hard having so much on your plate, especially stuff that is hard to deal with.

  6. Nothing in here that I really want - at least until someone makes up a really cute version and then I change my mind. I'm actually a little relieved; I have SO MANY patterns that I need to sew up before I'm too old to sew anymore;) 2014 was a bad year for me emotionally, so I'm sympathetic to your blues. Hope your dad gets to feeling better soon.

  7. It sucks when life throws you curve balls. I hope life turns a corner for you soon. I must say 2015 has a really crap start for me as well.

  8. I am so sorry for everything you've been going through. I hope things improve and calm down soon. Until you're ready to resume your snarking, maybe some of us in the coffee klatch can help out. I guess I can start us off!

    New New Looks-- meh

    New Simplicities-- meh. Oh. Wait. Let's cue Sir Mix A Lot on the Mimi G's: I like tight cothes and I cannot lie.

    Blue Ginger Dolls-- Abby and April- cute enough.
    Blue Ginger Doll-- Alicia shorts- I love shorts that do weird things to my crotch. That's how I roll.
    Blue Ginger Doll- Anne knit top-- Perfect for your Eye of Sauron costume. Black knit and stuff some orange fiery print in there and done.

    Burda high low top-- revised faux punk trash bag chic. And she should stay away from open flames.

    Burda bootcut pants-- for the bank teller who teaches pilates on the side during her breaks.

    Burda silk top-- bed jacket realness.


    1. Ha! Love the Eye of Sauron comment.

    2. I think most of these Burdas could easily be turned into movie references. Like that day dress-- wear it in red leave a long string trailing and you can to a costume event as the *protection* in the deleted scene in 50 Shades.

  9. Awww Michelle ... so sorry about those life things coming at you. Sending hugs!!

  10. Super huge hugs from the southern Arctic. I'm sending you and your pops some good thoughts. I am not the one to seek guidance against retail therapy, so YAY stash! Do take care my friend!

    1. Thanks. The good thoughts are definitely needed and appreciated.

  11. If you need more pick-me-up, here's more pattern snark: Adult language may follow:

    BHL Sophia-- Nothing I love more than an inverted V over my lady parts! It's the choice of the now generation!

    Burda Day Dress-- Squee! Finally! At long last! Someone has made a blousy elastic waist dress with boob pleats This has never been seen before! So fresh! Much awesome!

    Burda star jacket-- this is exactly what would result if David Putty's 8 ball jacket had an affair with a Chanel boucle.

    Burda fold blouse-- (secret discussion in the BWTF secret labs) "No one will notice this is a shapeless sack blouse if we pleat it. No one. At all."

    Burda cargo pants-- elastic ankles. for her pleasure.

    Style arc dress-- "No, really, Mom. All the girls are wearing dresses with gills." "Kids today. Going to hell in a fish dress."

    1. I am always amused by a David Putty reference. That Star jacket feels like it's an Arby's night.

    2. It's always an Arby's night, n'est-ce pas?

      I'm torn. Either that's my fave snark of round two, or going to hell in a fish dress. "cause who doesn't want a fish dress?