Sunday, July 26, 2015

Last Week in Patterns (26-July-2015)

In a fairly quiet week of releases, the most notable pattern news to happen was that Butterick released its Fall 2015 collection. With the exception of New Look, all of the major fall releases are now out, although Simplicity usually does a follow-up batch in late summer with more of a focus on costumes for Halloween. (I can't imagine that they'll head into Halloween season without some sort of minion-related offering for those of us with kids.)

We had new releases from the following companies this week:
  • Butterick
  • HotPatterns 
  • StyleArc
Butterick: Fall 2015 Release

Butterick is usually a bit of a hit-or-miss line with me. I feel like it's a line with a bit of an identity problem--you've got Vogue, which is the higher-end designer and more artsy line, then you've got McCall's which has your generally youthful, trendy, everyday basics. Butterick, on the other hand, seems to be this mishmash of retro designs and somewhat boring basics, often aimed at a more mature target audience than McCall's.

The out-of-the-gate reaction to this year's fall collection from Butterick has been mostly lukewarm, but I actually liked a few patterns in this bunch. I didn't love this collection the same way that I loved McCall's fall collection, but there are definitely a few new Buttericks that I'll be looking for the next time that JoAnns has them on sale. Granted, I love zippers, and there's not one, but two, zippered jackets in this collection.

BTW--If you've been into the trend of the past few seasons of tops and jackets with wrap or cross-over pieces, this is definitely a collection for you.

Onto the patterns...

Butterick 6244: Lisette Coat and Dress

OMG, enough with the waterfall jackets and cardigans already! (The dress is fine, although it's not anything that we haven't seen before.)

B6244: Lisette coat and dress
Butterick 6260: Lisette Jacket and Skirt

Here's a two-piece pattern where I actually really like both pieces. Multi-seamed skirts like this one are a curvy woman's friend, and I love both the neckline and zipper closure on the jacket. I don't love these paired together (especially styled the way that they are), but dressed down, I think that these are great individual pieces.

B6260: Lisette jacket and skirt
B6256: Misses' Jacket and Skirt

Annnd here's another zippered jacket with some interesting neckline options and a nice, basic seamed skirt.

B6256: Misses' jacket and skirt
B6241: Misses' Dress

Ugh. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I really like this. Maybe the CSC's recent guest post on lagenlook infiltrated my brain because this is usually one of those things where I go "okay on someone else, but not my style".

Maybe it's because my inner lover of all things 90's likes the zip-up collar, which can be worn open? (I had a couple of tops like that back in the mid-90's.) It also looks like it would be so comfortable to pair with leggings, and it has those big, crazy pockets!

I can understand many women not wanting to add bulk to their hips with those pockets, but I have the opposite figure issue and kind of wonder if those pockets would help balance my figure out.

B6241: Misses' Dress
HotPatterns: Updated Sunshine top (pre-order)

At some point within the past year or so, Trudy discontinued HotPatterns ever-popular Weekender Sunshine top. I've made about a half-dozen of these over the years, and it was a nice TNT pattern for me. However, since discontinuing this pattern, it seems like any time there's a HotPatterns thread on PatternReview or a few new people join the HotPatterns Facebook group, there's one question that springs up: "How can I get a copy of the Sunshine top pattern?"

Well, Trudy has just opened pre-orders on an updated version of the Sunshine top. This one has pleats instead of gathers, a hem band, and (finally) a long-sleeved option. If she gets enough pre-orders, the updated pattern will be available on September 1st. (Trudy occasionally offers preorders for a new pattern to gauge interest before going through all of the development work, printing, etc.) It's also on sale until July 30th:

HotPatterns - (new) Sunshine Top
StyleArc: Esme Designer Top

For their "designer" release this month, StyleArc released the Esme top--a boxy top with a funnel neck designed for stable knits.
StyleArc - Esme top

I think that the sewn up samples (the floral is clearly a Scuba knit) are much more compelling than the line drawing:

Esme samples
This boxy style with a high collar is a no-go on my figure, but I actually really like the sewn up samples.

That said, how long has it been since StyleArc has released a pattern with a reasonable amount of shaping? It's getting a little discouraging seeing month after month of boxy releases from a company whose aesthetic I was quite fond of. I'm guessing that these boxy styles must be selling well, otherwise they wouldn't keep releasing them.

At least most of their older patterns that are on my "wish list" are now available as PDFs and are very reasonably priced when there's a sale (like right now).

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty low-key week in patterns. I do like a few of the new Buttericks, although most of the collection felt like things I'd seen before. On that note, I've recently acquired two new books with plus sized patterns that I'll be reviewing once I've had a chance to make something from them. I'm probably more excited about my picks from those books than from anything in this week's releases.

Any must-haves in here for you this week?


  1. At this weekend's sale at Joann, I purchased 6252 (the poncho) and 6248 (sweater top) primarily for my daughter. She needs some winter toppers and RTW is almost always too short for her in the body and the arms. I also picked up the glove pattern just for fun. I had dismissed 6241 but now you are making me wish I had gotten it:) My figure issue is being shaped like a barrel - no bewbs, no hips, too much belly. However, I love casual dresses and I like the zipper at the neckline, too. I will add it back to my list and wait for the next sale.

    1. I wonder if that dress would help give you shape, though? At least, in my mind, it's going to balance out my large bust (with the zipper worn open).

  2. I like the butterick zip dress and might buy it if I can get it on sale. Other then that I'm not sold. I have far too many patterns anyways and I"m realizing that my style is pretty simple so I'm trying to sew for my style.

  3. I agree with you about Butterick's identity problem - I have never sewn a Butterick at all, although that will change now Lisette patterns are with Butterick. I like both those zippered jackets a lot.
    I also agree with you on Style Arc's love affair with the box. I really wish they would design a pattern every so often that alludes to a waist. The Style Arc draft suits me fit-wise, but the boxy shapes do me no favours, so my money stays in my pocket.

    1. I used to really love StyleArc's designs, but there have been very few in recent months that have grabbed me at all. Oh well, there are still a lot of slightly older patterns of theirs that I covet, if I want to buy one during the frequent sales that they seem to have for their PDF patterns.

  4. I love B6241 so much. I'm a big fan of the collar and a nice comfy jersey dress that doesn't cling to wear with leggings in the fall. :) I'm not worried about the pockets adding bulk. In the appropriate fabric, they will just be lovely and draped. They shouldn't be any worse than an A-line. I am worried, though, that the pockets won't be functional at all given that they are so low and big.

    1. They recommend using French Terry as a fabric, which is typically both really nice and warm and cozy and yet drapey. I like the idea of going with that fabric for that dress.

  5. I agree with Andie. 6241 has some potential for sure, but I just can't see those pockets being functional. I had a similar RTW tunic a couple years ago, and if I put anything more than a tissue in my pocket, it was tragic what it would do to the look of the top.

    I think Style Arc is on the same style kick Burda has been on. A lot of their patterns are great, so I hope they move past the body stuff soon.

    1. You mean that I won't be able to walk around with my cell phone, keys, and whatever else crammed into them? :P ;) I still like the design, though.

  6. I have a store bought tunic (dress on me!) that is EXACTLY the same as B6241 and I LOVE it!! I'm tough on myself about how things fit/show off undesirable bits and I feel really good wearing it. It's my go to for winter layering with tights or jeans. I will admit though, that I don't use the pockets as I always have a bag with me.

  7. I don't think I'll be picking up any of the newest Buttericks as none blow me away or are different from what I already have. That being said, I'd probably pick up the new Retro Buttericks if I was at Joanns and they were on sale...

  8. I love the look of this dress linen – I have some sewing patterns that I plan on making into a sleeveless dress and I hope it looks half as lovely as this does!