Friday, October 2, 2015

This Week in Patterns (2-Oct-2015)

Things have been fairly quiet on the release front this past week after a huge week of new patterns last week. I thought about holding off on a post this week and combining this week's updates with next week's, but I have a strong suspicion that many of you might be interested in one of the new StyleArc offerings, so I wanted to get that out there for those of you not on their mailing list.

This week, we have new releases from two pattern designers:
  • Colette - Seamwork Magazine
  • StyleArc

Colette Seamwork - October 2015 Issue

Before we get into the patterns for this month, let's talk about the subscription change that Sarai announced on Thursday. Whereas previously, your $6 per month subscription got you whatever two patterns were included in that month's Seamwork release. Now, however, you'll be getting $6 in pattern credit, meaning that you can either choose one or both of that month's patterns or choose something from Seamwork's pattern archive. If nothing appeals to you, then your credits roll over to the next month.

To me, this is an extremely customer-friendly move. I do like the occasional Seamwork pattern, but there are also a number of them, such as the Florence bra or the recent bikini top, that I'd never even bother with.

Paxson Sweatshirt

This month, we're seeing the first Seamwork men's pattern released--a raglan-sleeved sweatshirt. There's such a dearth of men's patterns out there, that I can't think of a currently in-print equivalent pattern, although there might be one escaping me.  I've got no complaints about this one--it's a nice basic and something that a lot of men would probably wear. It's got a nice size range, too.

Seamwork - Paxson Sweatshirt
Denali Vest

The Denali vest is a unisex quilted, fully-lined vest. Yeah, I don't see how anyone is going to make this in under three hours, but it could be a pretty useful layering piece. Some of the samples are a bit dodgy-looking, but I really like the idea of this vest, and like the Paxson sweatshirt, it fills a pattern niche that isn't already overpopulated with similar patterns.

Between the subscription announcement and this month's patterns, I have to say "Well done, Seamwork", now keep up the good work in the coming months. (Granted, I still wish that Colette would spend some energy focusing on interesting, regular pattern releases, but that ship seems to have sailed.)

Seamwork - Denali

StyleArc: October 2015 Releases

Beatrice Pea Coat

StyleArc released a classic pea coat! StyleArc released a classic pea coat!

One of the biggest grumblings that I've observed in the online sewing community in recent years is the lack of decent, classic pea coat patterns. Vogue has that new Anne Klein pattern, but my understanding is that it's more of a jacket and not fully lined. The StyleArc version, on the other hand, does have a full lining and it's designed for wool coatings. What's not to love here? This is a classic style that you'll be able to wear for years to come.

This is fantastic. I think I'd opt for a paper pattern here because there's no way that I'd want to piece together the PDF for this.

My only "hmmmm" comment here is that the technical drawing shows a welt that's on the side panel, whereas the fashion drawing shows a welt on the center panel. Welts can be done either way, but on the center panel, you're construction is going to be more like a single welt pocket, as opposed to if it's on the side panel, where it'll be more like doing a fancy inseam pocket.

StyleArc - Beatrice coat
StyleArc's newsletter also revisited the Grace Trans-seasonal Coat, for those who prefer an unlined coat.

Mavis Knit Tunic

This was actually released at some point in the past week or so, but I missed it.  I can't wear a turtleneck (boobs), but if I could, I'd love this tunic with its interesting inset details.

StyleArc - Mavis knit tunic

Pearl Knit top (October freebie - new)

As has been the case in one other recent month, in October, if you place an order for paper patterns on StyleArc's website, you'll get to choose between one new and one older pattern as your freebie pattern. The new pattern is an on-trend if not particularly exciting knit top with an asymmetric hem and drape pocket.

StyleArc - Pearl knit top
Tiffany Blouse (October freebie - archive)

Your other choice for a freebie this month is the Tiffany blouse--a princess seamed pussybow blouse that's been in StyleArc's archives for several years. I've had this pattern in and out of my shopping cart a number of times over the years (I have other pussybow blouse patterns, but none with princess seams). Since the Pearl top doesn't have a ton of shaping, I love that they're also offering the Tiffany blouse as an alternative freebie.

StyleArc - Tiffany blouse

Final Thoughts

OMG, I love that peacoat. Did you get that impression from my post? The thing is, I've already made my "new coat" for the year, and I'm not sure that I want to invest the time in doing another coat...but that coat is such a classic! And, I could finally add the Tiffany blouse to my pattern stash...  Hmmm...  Anyone else love that peacoat, or is it just me?

And how do you feel about the Seamwork changes? Whereas I had no interest in subscribing before, I will say that I'm mildly intrigued now. Probably not right away, but if they could put together a few consecutive months of patterns that I liked, I might bite.


  1. Thanks for sharing the Style arc releases! I never used to keep up with those, but now that I've been sewing for a few years I'm feeling better about sewing stuff up with less thorough directions and am being pulled in the style arc direction more and more.

    All I have to say about that seamwork release is that its a good thing they changed the subscription structure, because when i saw the menswear patterns I was a little bit unhappy! I know they never promised it would be a womens' wear only mag, but I don't have any men in my life to sew for so two mens patterns were fairly useless to me. However, with the new structure, I think I'll go download that cardi they released early on and I'll be a happy girl!

    1. I suspect that you wouldn't be the only unhappy person with the menswear patterns if they hadn't changed the subscription model. I suspect that's probably at least partially why they timed things the way that they did.

      StyleArc can be really hit-and-miss from a style standpoint, but when they're good, they're very good. Are the Misty jeans your first SA pattern?

  2. I should count your "I love that pea coat" exclamations!! :)

    I do like it but won't be adding it right now. I had plans to make that Burda coat from September but it is unlined. BOO!!!!! And I don't want to make lining pieces and for an actual coat I don't want to use the same pieces as the coat.

    I whine.

    Anyway...I like the SA Tiffany but of course have multiple pussybow patterns too and I love 'em and keep collecting them and have only sewn 1.

    Colette is overall so very blah for me. But people in general seem excited about the Seamwork change so that's a win for the sewing community!

    1. I love that pea coat!

      I have other pussybow blouse patterns, but I don't have one with princess seams. I have to collect every possible permutation, don't I?

    2. I mean of course. That's what we do! :-p

  3. An option to the Seamwork sweatshirt is Burda 6718 (on sale over at Simplicity). It's a hoodie style rather than a crew neck, but the fit looks better (and more comfortable) than the Paxson.

    1. Nice call on the Burda. That'd probably be too much grading to do for my own husband, but if he were closer to Burda's size range, I bet he'd like that (minus the hipster model dude).

    2. OMG. I don't know if I should joke about how with great mustache comes great responsibility or about gay pornstache.

  4. I hope they are ready for an influx of orders for the Pea coat! I wanted it the instant I saw it, and the blouse is a bonus for me.
    Thanks for the updates!

  5. I'm liking that Pearl top too. It strikes me as being good for summer tennis- I can stick my second tennis ball down there when I'm serving!