Friday, May 9, 2014

HotPatterns sewalong! (Fast & Fabulous Blouse-Back Tee)

HotPatterns is doing a sewalong! HotPatterns is doing a sewalong! (Can you tell that I'm a little giddy about this?) The sewalong coincides with today's release of their latest pattern, the Fast & Fabulous Blouse-Back Tee:

HotPatterns Fast & Fabulous Blouse-Back Tee
I think that this is such a cute top with some really fun details! Love that back yoke/draped contrast piece. 

Trudy has never done a sewalong before for one of her patterns, but she's doing one for this one. On Facebook, she said that she was inspired by her recent lunch with Renee of Miss Celie's Pants and wants to get people sewing this pattern and not just stashing it.

If you've been tempted to give HotPatterns a try before but have been hesitant for whatever reason, this is a great pattern to start with:
  • The Fast & Fabulous line (which includes this pattern) has a lower price point than other HotPatterns and is only $9.95.
  • With the scoop neck in the front and the draping in the back, I think that this is a style that will work well on most figures. (And honestly, that's a big part of what I love about HotPatterns--Trudy rarely releases a style where I look at it and think "Wow, you have to be 5'10" and 120 lbs to wear that!")
  • The sewalong! You'll get the camaraderie and inspiration of sewing along with others. And if you've been hesitant about HotPatterns' minimalist instructions in the past (and to be fair, the F&F line does tend to have more detailed instructions), you'll be able to get help from Trudy and other HotPatternistas as you go.
So, yes, of course I'll be participating in the sewalong, and I will be blogging along as I go. I also have another HotPattern as the next item in my sewing queue and will be working on that in the interim while I wait for the sewalong to begin. I've got a Weekender Daytona Hoodie pattern-prepped, and plan to get it cut out and start construction this weekend.


  1. I wish we could see more Hot Patterns on actual people. I even sent Trudy a note, but still no live models. Drawings can be so deceiving.

    1. She *usually* (but not always) does a YouTube video for her new patterns, where she usually models the garment herself. But yeah, HotPatterns doesn't seem to be as popular in the online sewing community (blogging, PatternReview) as some of the other younger-skewing indies. *I* usually have pretty good luck with them, but I do get the occasional wadder, just like with any other pattern line.

  2. I've never tried hot patterns but I love the style of this one. Can't wait to see your results. Now the question is will I be able to wait that long before ordering.

    1. Thanks! I have two different fabric options (both using contrast) in mind for this one. I might try to get them both done in conjunction with the sewalong.

  3. I ordered the pattern today. I'm looking forward to the Sewalong.

  4. Just ordered mine-- there as no doubt that I would. The sew-along just screamed "you can't wait, get it!!!!!" I really like this top! I have several mesh fabrics that would be great. I have a pretty blue stripe that could have a sheer top back and sleeves and a double layer front and I can play with the direction of the stripes!

    I'm in desperate need of casual pants that fit so I think I really need to crack out that F&F track pant and try my first pair ever. EVEH.