Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last Week in Patterns (30-Aug-2015)

Oh hey, it looks like I managed to write roundup posts two weeks in a row! After a slow summer, it seems like seasonally releases for Fall are starting to heat up. In addition to this week's releases, we've had several designers hint that they'll be releasing new patterns in early September.
  • BurdaStyle Plus
  • KwikSew
  • StyleArc 
BurdaStyle: September 2015 Plus Collection - Metropolitan

We'll kick things off with what I feel is BurdaStyle's strongest Plus collection in a long time.  Most of these patterns actually have a fair amount of shaping and are also practical pieces for most women's lifestyles. This collection kind of feels like a throwback to the types of Plus collections Burda (back in its Burda World of Fashion days) used to release 5-10 years ago. Even better, there's no "Burda WTF?" piece in here where you're scratching your head wondering, "Who would make that???" Also, most of these pieces are styled really well, which hasn't usually been the case for recent BurdaStyle Plus collections. I LOVE how they styled that cape with the leather pants.

Basically, I think I need to hunt down a single copy of the September issue of BurdaStyle.

BurdaStyle 09-2015 #123A & #123B: Boatneck top and dress

First up is a shift top and dress pattern that's similar to Colette's ubiquitous Laurel pattern, but the Burda has more darts and shaping. The cute bow detail on the top view is a nice touch, as well.

BurdaStyle 09-2015 #123AB

BurdaStyle 09-2015 #123AB
BurdaStyle 09-2015 #133: Sailor blouse & #134: Knit pullover

I have no idea why these are two different patterns--I can't see a difference in the line drawing beyond the fact that one is a knit and the other is a woven. In any case, I like both of these for an easy, casual look. The white blouse version is particularly sharp, IMO.

BurdaStyle 09-2015 #133

BurdaStyle 09-2015 #134
BurdaStyle 09-2015 #131: Cape Jacket

I don't think I'm a cape person, but I would like to be a cape person if I could look like this wearing a cape.

BurdaStyle 09-2105 #131
BurdaStyle 09-2015 #130AB: Bootcut trousers

For pants, we have a perfectly acceptable pair of bootcut trousers. As this style appears to be making a comeback (finally), I've noticed that most of the bootcuts that I've been seeing "in the wild" lately have a somewhat exaggerated flare, like these do. I'm sure that many of us are sick of skinny pants, and are REALLY embracing the flare as it re-emerges. Interestingly, these pants have elastic in the back waist (probably to prevent gaping). The flared Burda Plus jeans from a few months back (which I purchased and are on my fall sewing list) also have this feature.

BurdaStyle 09-2015 #130AB
BurdaStyle 09-2015 #129: Long Blazer

This collection has the first traditional blazer that I can remember BurdaStyle offering in a plus collection in quite some time. I like the lapel on this one.

BurdaStyle 09-2015 #129
BurdaStyle 09-2015 #128: Midi Dress

Finally, my favorite piece in this collection is this midi dress with tons of seaming. The fabric choice in the sample doesn't really do it any favors, but check out that line drawing.

BurdaStyle 09-2015 #128

KwikSew Fall/Winter 2015

Can I re-use an overused meme here?

If you've noticed, I haven't been covering KwikSew releases in my pattern roundups. Since being acquired by BMV, their releases have veered more and more towards the "crafty" side of things that nothing interested me, so I didn't even bother to mention their releases. I'd stopped getting excited about "new release" emails from KwikSew several years ago.

However, I don't know if it's an anomaly, but this just-released collection from Kwik Sew actually has some patterns that adult women might actually find appealing! (Now, if they'd only bring back the old Kwik Sew pattern paper...)

K4139: Misses Jackets

I noticed shearling jackets and coats starting to pop up around town last winter, leading me to believe that these are starting to cycle back to being in style again. K4139 is a nice option for someone looking to create her own version of this look.

K4132: Misses' Dresses

This dress is my favorite pattern out of this collection. I've had several similar dresses from ModCloth pinned to a Pinterest board for months. I love the sweetheart neckline and all of the seaming on this dress.

K4133: Misses' Shirt and Dress

I know that the rockabilly/western shirt trend kind of came and went a few years ago, but I like the idea of the shirtdress view for this pattern, if you could pull it off without looking like you'd stepped straight out of 2009. Then again, I'm always a sucker for anything with princess seams and pockets.

K4138: Misses' Jumper and Jumpsuit

Finally, out of all of the Big 4, who would have guessed that KwikSew would have been the first line to offer a take on the overall revival that we've been seeing?  These aren't for me, but they're cute and would probably be darling on someone more youthful than me with the type of figure that can pull these off.



Estelle Ponte Jacket

As noted in their email newsletter, the Estelle Ponte jacket is essentially a coat version of their popular Harper jacket.

StyleArc - Estelle Jacket
I already own the Harper, which I succumbed to after seeing a few RTW versions that I liked around town. As much as I'm over waterfall openings, StyleArc seems to do them with less-overwhelming proportions (in the ones I've seen made up) than some of the other pattern companies. If I didn't already own the Harper, I'd be tempted by the Estelle.

Fulfillment by Amazon

StyleArc announced on Facebook that they're experimenting with Fulfillment by Amazon. They're initially offering four patterns this way, which will be offered as multi-size patterns (either sizes 4-16 or 18-30). These patterns will be eligible for Amazon's inexpensive shipping options and are Prime-eligible.

I think that this is a great option for people who don't want to deal with shipping from Australia, don't like taping PDFs, or people who want a multi-sized version of StyleArc's patterns.

Final Thoughts

I'll be checking our local Barnes & Noble for a copy of that September Burda. If that doesn't work out, does anyone want to sell me their copy? ;) :) Or does anyone happen to know if any shops around the Seattle area stock it? (I seem to remember seeing the occasional Burda at Nancy's Sewing Basket?) THIS is the type of collection that I think many people were hoping they'd rehash (if they were going to rehash) in that Burda Plus book.

Surprisingly, Kwik Sew even had a few patterns that I liked in their fall collection. I can't remember the last time I bought a Kwik Sew pattern--probably when Eva was a baby.

Next week should be interesting, too. Both Named and Grainline Studios have hinted that they have new patterns coming out in the first week of September.

What grabs you out of this week's releases?


  1. None of this week's releases really grab me. I agree that both the Burda collection and the Kwik Sew collection are the best either have put out in a long time, but unfortunately neither has anything I'm likely to wear myself. I am, however, very excited about Style Arc experimenting with Amazon fulfillment. I've bought a couple of patterns from them since they started selling PDFs on Etsy, but the Amazon option is even better. I really hope they decide to keep moving forward with it and expand the pattern selection.

    1. I'm excited about the Amazon fulfillment, too. If they expand their pattern offerings, I probably wouldn't order directly from StyleArc much (unless there's a month where I really like the freebie). I've bought PDFs of some of their more simple patterns, but I don't want to deal with a PDF for, say, something like the Ziggy jacket.

  2. Just popping in to say how much I enjoy these posts.

  3. Also (hit send too quickly) I'm really interested in Style Arc on Amazon. I'm only seeing sizes 18+. I hope they offer multi-sized patterns in other size ranges (I'm a 14 hint hint).

    1. As Lyndle said, on Facebook, StyleArc said that the smaller sizes have been selling out quickly and should be back in stock soon.

  4. Hey I'll head over to Around the World magazine shop since I now work up the block from there and let you know if they have a copy. If they do, I'll pick you up a copy. We can work out payment later!

    1. That would be awesome, thank you! If I catch you in time, I'm going to swing by B&N on my way home (they sometimes have Burda), but if they don't have it, I'll take you up on that offer.

    2. I have one! Got it today. Let me know if you want it or if I should offer to someone else.

    3. Thanks Carolyn! Since you've already picked it up, I'll take you up on that one. (Saves me an errand run.) Let me know how you want to work out payment--you can email me at at Thanks again!

  5. I love these posts Michelle. I too had given up looking at Kwiksew but that sweetheart princess seam dress is worth a look.
    MaryMary, I think from reading elsewhere that the smaller sizes sold out first on Amazon. Style Arc are tryingto restock as fast as they can. Also I believe the Amazon offerings are only available to US customers. I seen a couple of Canadians who are grumpy about this!

    1. *i have seen* It's my typing that sucks, not my grammar.

    2. Yes, I think I saw that on Facebook that the smaller size ranges had sold out for some patterns. It sounded like they'll be re-stocking, though.

  6. That Kwik Sew dress 4132 bears quite the resemblance to McCall 5971 (which has cup sizing). The McCall has some pleating on the skirt, while the Kwik Sew one is seamed, and the cap sleeves are a little different.

    1. Good eye on the McCall's. Other differences are that the McCall's is an armhole princess, whereas the Kwik Sew is a shoulder princess. I like the fuller skirt on the Kwik Sew, too. With my high hip, I'm not a fan of pencil skirts like on the McCall's (on me, at least).

  7. Oh, those Kwik Sews! I generally ignore them, but I might have to pick up a couple of these when they're on sale! That retro western shirtdress is intriguing. It's something ranchfolk up here would wear and harkens back to the 50s/60's to me. Not sure that I'd wear it, but it's cool.

    1. I agree. I would have worn it a few years ago when Western-style shirts like that were all the rage in my hipster-infested old hood. I still like the look of the dress (especially with those princess seams) but am not sure where I'd wear it.

  8. Michelle, try the UW Bookstore and/or Bulldog News, both on University Way. They both carry Burda mags. Since I have decided not to renew my subscription to Burda WOF (they come out with just too many patterns that I will never sew or wear now) I will be hunting for the occasional issue if they publish something I consider wearable.

    1. Ooh, thanks! We actually have a UW bookstore near our house (we live near UW Bothell)...I wonder if they'd carry it.