Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fall Sewing Plans (2015)

I know that people either tend to love or tend to hate planning posts. I'm one of the people who loves them, but if you fall into the latter category, feel free to skip this post--I won't be offended. (I mean, how would I even know?)

In any case, this post is partially to talk about my "picks" for the coming Fall season and partially to document my plans for myself. I have a LOT of plans, as usual, and I know that I won't get to everything on this list. It will be fun trying, though, right?

I'm sure that I'll be distracted by a few "Oooh, shiney!" new patterns, but as of right now, these are the ones that I've got pulled and sitting at the top of my sewing queue.

You'll note that my plans fall very heavily on separates and layering pieces. I'm trying to accomplish two things with this:
  1. Extend the use of some of my warmer-weather clothing into colder weather.
  2. Replace the three pairs of RTW jeans that my thighs' chub rub wore through in the past nine months.

I need jeans and comfortable pants for the weekend. That pretty much sums up these picks.
  • BurdaStyle 6951: These are the slim-legged pants that I've sewn twice before. I'll be making a few minor fit adjustments and making at least one "jeans" version of these this fall.
  • BurdaStyle 07-2015 #130A: These are the flared, seamed jeans that appeared in the July issue of BurdaStyle.
  • SBCC Pinot Pants: I'll be making these from a black ponte to start and using the pocket add-on that Betsy published a few months ago. I desperately need some weekend mom-on-the-go pants, and these will be those pants.
  • StyleArc Misty Pull-on Jeans:  I've had this pattern for a while but still haven't made it up. I plan to finally make it up when I participate in Alicia's Misty sew-along over at Pandora Sews, starting in October.
I have plans for lots of blouses in the coming months. I'm getting more comfortable with fitting my gigantic bust, and woven blouses give me lots of practice for that. You'll note that these are all fairly basic blouses, which is what I need in my closet right now.
  • HotPatterns Refined Peasant Blouse: I made a version of this a few months ago, and I wear it all the time. I want at least one more.
  • New Look 6374: This style of blouse has been pretty ubiquitous in RTW the past few years. The gathers will handle an FBA well, and this pattern will give me a nice, casual top for layering.
  • Grainline Archer: I've owned this pattern for over a year at this point. I think I'm about the last person on the planet who hasn't made it yet. I'd really like a TNT shirt pattern that I can use for anything from a flannel shirt to a nice chambray shirting. I'm hoping that the Archer (with an added FBA/bust dart) will be that shirt.
  • Muse Melissa: This has been in my queue since it was released a while back. Maybe I'll even get to make one up as part of Indie Sewing Month this month!
  • Blank Slate Marigold: I'll ditch the peplum, but I'd like to get at least one blouse out of this pattern. I love the shirtdress version that I made earlier this summer.
  • BurdaStyle 09-2015 #133: I've got a copy of the September BurdaStyle magazine on the way, and this pattern is probably the first thing that I'll make from it. I love the white blouse version in the magazine.

 I need cardigans. I currently have, like, two that fit me.
  • SBCC Cabernet Cardigan: There's both a long, boyfriend-style view of this pattern and a shorter, cropped view. Ideally, I'll be making at least one of each in various pontes.
  • Muse Sophie Cardigan: I like the collar-less, zippered view of this one.
  • Muse Jenna Cardigan: A nice, basic cardigan.
  • Paprika Jasper: Not a cardigan, but I wasn't sure where else to put this. I pattern tested this last winter, but life got in the way and prevented me from sewing up a version from the final pattern. I wore the test version a lot, anyway, but I'd like to sew up a "real" version or two that incorporates the fitting refinements from the final pattern.

Finally, I'd like to add some more jackets to my closet. Here are my plans as far as those go:
  • Secret Pattern Test: I'm testing a coat pattern from a popular indie designer that you may have seen put out a testing call a little while back. I'm quite impressed with the pattern so far and am hoping that the final coat turns out as nice as I am expecting it to.
  • Grainline Cascade (as a raincoat): I've whined a lot about not being able to find a pattern suitable for the rain jacket that I had in my head. I think I'm going to just go with the Grainline Cascade. I've ordered a water resistant cotton twill from FabricMart that should work well for this, I hope.
  • Simplicity 1066: This is the MimiG jacket. It's got shoulder princess seams and cup sizes up to DD. I want to do a military-style version of this pattern, and then maybe one mixing wool and faux leather.
  • HotPatterns Chimera Jacket: This is the new ponte jacket pattern from HotPatterns.  I think it will be a nice, versatile wardrobe staple.
  • HotPatterns Sakura Bomber Jacket: I've had this one sitting in my UFO pile since last year. I started on it, using a very fall-like fabric, and then got distracted by the Leanne Marshall coat and never picked up the bomber jacket again. I will finish it this fall.


Final Thoughts


So those are my current sewing plans for this fall. Have you made any sewing plans for the coming season yet? What patterns are high on your list?


  1. There's a lot of overlap between our fall sewing plans. I have New Look 6374, the Jenna cardigan, the Cabernet Cardigan, and the Paprika Jasper on my list. And right now I'm working on a couple of pairs of Style Arc Becky pants, which are pretty similar to the Pinot Pants. I'm also planning to participate in the Style Arc Misty Sew-Along that Alicia at Pandora Sews is going to be hosting.

    I love the idea of making the Grainline Cascade as a raincoat--I bet it will work out great. Looking forward to seeing the results of your fall sewing!

    1. Oh yes! I knew I'd forgotten something. I'm planning to do the Misty sewalong, too. I'll update my post when I get a chance.

      ETA: Now updated with Misty plans.

  2. Ooh, the Cascade as a raincoat! My next project needs to be a raincoat, which I'll use as a general purpose fall coat. I've outgrown my old light coat and it's going to get cold soon! I've been hemming and hawing over the Sewaholic Minoru, but the Cascade is going to be a contender now that you've mentioned it.

    1. I like the Minoru a lot, but I'm the complete opposite of the body type that Tasia drafts for. The Cascade, at least, has a larger size range and shouldn't require redrafting the whole thing to make it work for me.

  3. I love your pattern choices. There are a few that I have also looked at. Having a very curvy body myself, I also have trouble with certain types of clothing, (especially a button up shirt). I'm very interested in the Simplicity 1066 jacket. I can't wait to see what you sew up for fall.
    See me @

    1. I have a lot of problems with button-up shirts, too. One of my sewing goals for 2015 is to conquer those problems.

  4. Very well thought out pattern choices. I especially love the HP peasant blouse, it is so pretty!

    ugh, pant-disintegrating thighs! Over the last year i've been wearing skirts and dresses just about exclusively, mostly due to neuropathy. But I am so glad not to have to worry about a wardrobe staple literally falling to pieces unexpectedly all up the inner thighs. sheesh!

    I haven't even caught up with summer planning yet....

    1. It's so annoying! Granted, they were cheap RTW pieces from Old Navy, and you get what you pay for...

  5. I'll take all of your tops and cardigans, thank you! :)

    Really love the marigold and the NL pattern. I have been wanting to buy the Muse and finally started on M6708 and I am amazed at 1) how little fabric it uses (even the longer length) and 2) how quickly it stitches up.

    But I still love everyone's Muse and can't wait to see yours!

    Also, I have worn through many a pant (and jeans!) from thigh rub. Drives me insane. I need like, thigh patches. Or something.

    1. Also, I never tire of reading sewing plans (or creating them!) Please never stop posting your plans! :)

    2. Thanks! I'm surprised that more people haven't made the NL, although the few versions I've seen have turned out well. M6708 is an awfully close match for the Muse Jenna--I went with the Muse over that one because I wanted the view with the shoulder yokes and gathering.

  6. re: the wearing out of jeans between thighs - YES, this always happens to me but I've been able to fix the last few pairs by patching them with thread only. I sew back and forth and sideways over the hold using a similar-colored denim thread. Seems to make them last at least 6 months longer. You can even do this before they rip (you can hold them up to the light to see they're thinning out). The patch isn't "pretty" but no one really sees it!! There are a bunch of YouTube videos on jeans repair.

  7. nice choices! I just ordered my fabric for the MUSE Sophie Cardigan - yay!

  8. I like reading other people's sewing plans. It inspires me to create my own and presents options for pairings as well. I feel like my sewing is all over the place right now and want to rein it in a bit. I had success with 6PACs and will return to that. Thank you for sharing your plans!

  9. You aren't the last person to make the Archer! I've had it printed off and stuffed in a drawer for at least 2 years (or so it seems). I'm excited to see yours, maybe it will help me get motivated. I'm just dreading the fitting process. I'm also excited to see your review of the Pinot Pants, I've had those in the back of my mind for a a while. I'm curious about the coat pattern as I really need to make one this winter, I'm excited for the challenge but a bit fearful so I'm hoping that I like either this pattern (if I'm guessing right) or the sewaholic one. I think I need to find a pattern that I REALLY like to motivate me for the challenge. I'm also thinking of joining in on pandora sews' misty sew along, but I need to try to find some photos of the finished product before I decide. Yay for fall sewing!