Friday, November 6, 2015

This Week in Patterns (6-Nov-2015)

Can you believe that it's November already? I've been making good headway on my sewing goals for fall, but I can tell that a number of the garments that I'd planned to make (and still plan to make) won't get sewn until 2016. And, of course, there's always bright and shiny new patterns to be a distraction, right?

With the start of the new month, we've got new offerings from the following pattern companies this week:
  • Colette - Seamwork magazine
  • HotPatterns
  • StyleArc
Colette Seamwork - November 2015 Issue

Colette is billing this month's issue of Seamwork as "the warmth issue", and its articles this month are largely geared towards the cozy sewing that many of us love. The two new patterns reflect this theme.

Seamwork - Camden Cape

I really like this cape. It looks so chic and cozy, and unlike a surprising number of cape patterns, this one is actually lined. Now, I wouldn't have a hope of sewing this up in the advertised time frame of 3 hours, but I will happily happily HAPPILY take more interesting patterns like this one that are really pushing the "quick and easy" Seamwork mantra over another boring woven t-shirt.

Seamwork - Camden cape
Seamwork - Wembley Cardigan

Unlike the Camden cape, the Wembley cardigan seems like more of a throwaway pattern. The samples all look a bit odd where the two sets of bands meet up, and I've got more interesting cardigan patterns already in my pattern stash.

Seamwork - Wembley cardigan
HotPatterns: Fast & Fabulous Diorella T-shirt blouse

I'll admit that at very first glance when I opened the email announcement, I sort of scratched my head at HotPatterns' new release. "Um, that looks awfully similar to last summer's HP Trilogy Top pattern," but then I looked a little closer, saw the back detail, and went "Oh!"...and then read the pattern description, which explains how this pattern is designed for a mix of knits and wovens and went "OH!" And yes, I know that I'm a bit of a HotPatterns fangurl, but I do really like this one, especially since it has the option of cut-on cap or long sleeves. There are a lot of fun design options here:

HotPatterns - Diorella T-shirt blouse

StyleArc: November 2015 release

This month's StyleArc offerings are fairly interesting, even if they're not all particularly my style. As they've done in recent months, StyleArc is offering two choices for a free pattern with the purchase of at least one other printed pattern this month. Also as they've done in recent months, one freebie choice is new (the Nora) and the other is an older, basic pattern (the Abby cardigan).

Violet Knit Jacket

The Violet knit jacket is a cocoon shape and promises some interesting construction. I think that this one would be really fun to make, although I don't know how this shape would translate to someone with a large bust.

StyleArc - Violet knit jacket
Ebony Woven Pant

These remind me of the wrapover pant style that pops up in BurdaStyle every so often, but without the dropped crotch that usually accompanies the Burda versions. The StyleArc take appears more wearable to me, at least from the line drawing. I've always been intrigued by this style but have never tried a pair myself. I think I'd want to see these on a curvy body before pulling the trigger, but I'm kind of tempted on this one.

StyleArc - Ebony woven pant

Nora Woven Tunic/Dress (freebie for November)

The Nora is all about the neckline. The twisted neckline on this pattern is much easier to discern and looks more interesting in the sample photos on StyleArc's website and that StyleArc recently teased on Instagram. The boxy shape wouldn't work for me, but I like the neckline.

StyleArc - Nora Tunic/Dress

Final Thoughts

The only must-have this week is the new HotPatterns blouse, but I'll be keeping an eye out for how those new StyleArcs look on a larger and/or curvy figure. I actually really like that Seamwork cape, too, but day-to-day separates are up higher on my sewing priority list right now.

So...likes and dislikes of this past week? ;)


  1. I like the Camden cape. I agree that there is no way this would be a three hour project though. There is at least an hour of buttonholes alone! I have yet to try Hot Patterns, but you like them so much I know that there will be Hot Patterns in my future. None of the Style Arc patterns are really appealing to me, though I think you could do some creative color blocking with the Violet Jacket.

    1. There tends to be a lot of overlap between people who like StyleArc and people who like HotPatterns--I suspect that's because both companies do frequent/trendy pattern releases, have an inclusive size range, and tend to have instructions that are on the sparse side. (HotPatterns does have more detailed/illustrated instructions than StyleArc.) I do like to encourage people who are interested in HPs to join the Facebook group--it's really supportive without being overly fangurl.

  2. Interesting, I too will be getting the new HP top. For myself, I will be going with a woven that is less drapey. I think that collar would be fabulous in a slightly crisper cotton. And I will make one for my sister as well in something drapey and with lace in the back insert. I am going to wait for the PDF on this one!

    1. Ooh, that's an interesting idea with the collar. I was on the fence about whether to wait for the PDF on that one but ended up just ordering the print pattern. I like the idea of doing a lace insert on that back yoke piece.

  3. I really like the Ebony pant by StyleArc and hope it shows up on their paper pattern Amazon site because I have enough .pdfs that will never get made because they are .pdfs.

    1. Heh. Yeah, that's why I try to stick with simple patterns for PDFs and spring for the paper patterns for more complicated patterns.

  4. When I first saw the new HP t-shirt blouse my first reaction was that it looked like a mash up between the concept of the back from the blouse back tee with the front of the la strada tee, but regardless it looks like it holds many possibilities.

    1. That's a good call on it being a mashup of those two. I made the blouse back tee once and love it, but have been too lazy to draft a longer sleeve, which is why that pattern hasn't gotten made again. I like that the new top has a long sleeve option.

  5. The HP top 'wins' this week! Very cute. I really like all of the details that are included.

    Those SA pants are cute and yes, Burda has some crazy obsession with dropped crotches!!!! LOL! It's so weird. Gah.

    I made a Vogue Tilton top for my mom earlier this year with the twisted neckline. I really liked that treatment and have been meaning to make one for myself. Maybe over Thanksgiving vacation!

    1. can't even see the neckline detail on the Butterick website. That should be considered a selling point for that pattern.

  6. Another meh week... I do like the Camden cape, but it looks almost exactly like a new look cape pattern I bought last year.

    1. Right--it's similar to a few other offerings. There was a non-plus Burda cape in a recent issue that's pretty similar, too.

  7. 3 hour cape, mmmm, right. I love the clean lines of the cape, but I need daywear for work. I like the SA trousers but not sure that a point of interest on my stomach is the look I will go for.

  8. Meh for me on all the releases. I'm so over Colette right now. =)

  9. Love your pattern roundups, Michelle. I went for the Diorella blouse also. Like you, I'm an HP & SA fan. I really appreciate their inclusive size range, as well as frequent pattern offerings. Agree with you that the Hotpatterns Facebook group is great!