Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Upcoming projects: My winter coat

I am going to hold myself to planning out my seasonal sewing by quarter this year (see my Thinking ahead post from November).

Right now, I'm finishing up a set of pajamas for my daughter that I hope/expect to be able to give her for Christmas. I've had the fabric for a few months--it's a Yo Gabba Gabba flannel, and she gets excited every time that she's in the sewing room and sees it. She starts pointing to the characters and calling them out. "Muno!" "Toodie!". It's adorable. I am really looking forward to having her unwrap the pajamas and seeing her Gabba fabric in pajama form, which she can wear. We'll be spending the holidays at my parents' house in San Diego, so these pajamas will be my final completed project for 2013. Once we return to Seattle, my sewing calendar will be wide open.

I need a coat. In San Diego, I rarely wore anything warmer than an unlined jacket. I do own a coat--one that I bought on clearance at Old Navy 6 or 6 years ago, and it's pretty warm and flattering, but the style is very dated now. I am going to sew a coat (a phrase that one year ago, I'd never thought I'd type).

My pick for a coat pattern: HotPatterns Deco-Vibe Retro-Fabulous coat

When this pattern was released a year or so ago, I thought that it was a really cool looking coat, but I didn't purchase it, given that I didn't think it would get much wear in San Diego. However, when we moved to Seattle, I think it was one of the first patterns that I bought.

I already have purchased fabric for the coat: red wool for the shell, and a printed charmeuse for the lining. I will be interlining it, too--my first time interlining anything. I am simultaneously really excited about  and feeling nervous about this project.

I haven't seen this coat blogged or reviewed yet, so I will be a bit of a guinea pig in that department. Luckily, the pattern appears to be easy fitting, which is what I want so that I can wear it over a sweater or multiple layers. I'd much rather spend my time on the detail work of the coat than haggling with fit issues.

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