Friday, September 25, 2015

This Week (and Last) in Patterns (25-Sept-2015)

So, no pattern roundup post last week because the only patterns released that I was aware of were the ones from the new Pattern Anthology collection. So, this week, we'll be covering those, the new Sewaholic collection, and the holiday Vogues:
  • Pattern Anthology
  • Sewaholic 
  • Vogue
Pattern Anthology: Unbiased Collection

Ok, I'll admit that I bought this collection back when it was available for a super ridiculous pre-order price, even though there isn't a bloody chance in hell that I'll make two of the patterns. And why would I do this? Do I really have that much of an excess of disposable income? Well no, of course not, but for the time being, the patterns also come bundled with a bunch of significant coupon codes to some of my favorite online vendors and also a few that I've been wanting to try (like Spoonflower). So, out of the four patterns in the bundle, there's one that I'll definitely make, one that I really like and will probably make, and two that I can't see myself ever making. But between the two patterns that I like and all of the coupons, I figured it was a good deal, cost-wise. Anyway, here are the patterns.

Note that the designers in this collective have all recently expanded their size ranges up to 3X--well into the plus sizes. So, regardless of whether you like the designs or not, I feel like more designs for us plus size women is ALWAYS a good thing.

Also note that until the end of the year, these patterns are only available as part of the collection and not available individually. So, that's another reason why I didn't just hold off and buy the 1 or 2 patterns that I really wanted.

Blank Slate: Denver Tunic & Dress

Let's start off with the one that I'm definitely making. In the Blank Slate Facebook group, Melly had actually put out a call for plus size testers for this one a while back, but I passed on it based on the description. Of course, when I saw the line drawing, I ended up kicking myself because with the princess seams and various options, this is right up my alley. I have immediate plans to sew the tunic view, but I also like the fit-and-flare dress (not pictured), too. I'll also admit that I'm biased in that I've had a lot of success with Blank Slate's patterns in the past and am now at the point where I look forward to Melly's new releases.

(And yes, I do notice that one of the models appears to be wearing a garment that's too small in the shoulders. And yes, it's driving me nuts.)
Blank Slate Denver Tunic and Dress

Go To Patterns: Adora Dress and Top

The other one that I like out of this collection is the Adora Dress and Top by Go To Patterns. I like this, frankly, because I think it'll be easy to fit over my giant bum and because I think that it gives some fun options for mixing knits and wovens. I do like the top view of this better than the dress view.
Go To Patterns Adora dress and top
Shwin Designs: Diamond Dress and Top

This is just way too boobtastic for me. Maybe on someone pear-shaped, but not me.

Shwin Designs - Diamond Dress and Top

See Kate Sew: Gwen Dress and Top

This one is just way too Tilly for my personal preferences.

See Kate Sew - Gwen Dress and Top

Sewaholic: Vancouver Collection

After lots of teasers and buzz on Instagram, Tasia from Sewaholic released the Vancouver collection: a collection of active- and outdoors-wear inspired patterns. I'm not Tasia's target customer, so I'm not likely to buy any of these. I do appreciate that she's branching out from beginner patterns and basic skirts and dresses, though.

Fraser Sweatshirt

The Fraser Sweatshirt is a slim-fitting sweatshirt with inset options. I feel the same way about this that I do about the Grainline Lark tee. I can understand why Tasia added this to Sewaholic's portfolio (especially with the success of the Renfrew top), but I won't be buying it.

Sewaholic - Fraser Sweatshirt

Dunbar Top

The Dunbar top is an exercise top with a built-in shelf bra. Given that Sewaholic drafts for a B-cup, there's no way I'd touch this one with a 10-foot pole, even for light exercise like dog walking. This would be too much work for me to re-draft when I already own the Jalie Anne-Marie anyway. The Fehr Trade VNA top is also similar and reportedly tested up to a D-/DD-cup size. But, if you're a pear shape, the Sewaholic is cute.

Pacific Leggings

The Pacific Leggings join the Jalie Cora leggings and Fehr Trade PB Jam Leggings and Steeplechase Leggings as running tights patterns. I can see the appeal of these if you're pear-shaped, but I feel like the piecing/colorblocking potential is more interesting in both the Jalie and Fehr Trade patterns.

Sewaholic - Pacific Leggings

Cypress Cape

The Cypress Cape is probably the most tempting pattern to me, out of this bunch. A) My giant boobs are less likely to interfere with this one and B) it would be practical to own and/or just keep stashed in my desk at work for unexpectedly rainy days.

Sewaholic - Cypress Cape

Seymour Jacket

One of the more interesting pieces in this collection is the short-sleeved hooded Seymour Jacket. If we ever still got rain in Seattle, particularly in the summer, I could see the appeal of this. I also just think it's kind of cute and definitely unique.

Sewaholic - Seymour Jacket

Vogue: Winter/Holiday Collection 2015

Lots of formal and cocktail dresses in this bunch that I have no need for, but a few patterns did stand out to me.


Let's get this one out of the way first. It's the pit/period-stain dress that has the entire online sewing community giggling. C'mon Vogue, you couldn't do better than this? The dress isn't bad based on the line drawing, but it's not interesting enough to justify that questionable flower placement.


Lace romper, anyone?


LOVE this jacket/coat. It even has cup sizes!


Unappealing styling aside, this is a nice take on an 80's style dress without it actually screaming 80's, IMO. The lack of giant shoulder pads is a huge plus here.


Final Thoughts

Love it or hate it, the new Sewaholic collection is the most interesting out of the bunch.  As previously mentioned, I do own the Denver tunic and will be making it up and reviewing it soon.  What grabs you out of this bunch? Any must-haves? Or must-avoids?


  1. Vogue 1469 has some tragic print placement. That red flower is quite TotM incident.

  2. I did not get the outrage over that dress. At all.

    I like the idea of the Denver but again, probably won't buy it. I like a few of the Vogue's but will probably only buy 3. Okay, maybe 4. Haha!

    OMG I love Sewaholic's sports bra!!!! I don't think there's a chance in heck that I'd buy it though. I don't (can't) run and most of my exercise is powerwalking but when I think of her tops I just think "ohmygosh how hard will it be to fit my non-small upper body!?" so I don't. But the lines are so, so cute! Gosh so are the leggings.

    Hmm...those are the types of patterns that would be way less painful as pdf's... ;-)

  3. Actually, I thought the lace romper was kind of cute -- but then I read the description - it has an invisible back zip. Jumpsuits are difficult enough in the public restroom, but a back zipper?!

  4. I'm sure I'll have more to say but for right now, does anyone else agree that Tasia's/Sewaholic's model for this collection is decidedly not pear-shaped? And did you see the hilarious "active wear" video linked on GOMI?

    Missed you last week Michelle.

  5. Here it is:

  6. I really like the Seymour jacket partly for the fact that I can't think of another pattern like it. I'll probably buy it and wait for the right fabric to come along

  7. I'm so tempted by the pattern anthology collection though for different patterns then you were. Other then that nothing. I will probably debate the anthology for a few more days though. I've got quite the backlog around here and I've been knitting more then sewing lately.

  8. Sewaholic model choices in the recent collections don't seem to jive with my understanding of her brand. I know Tasia isn't a professional model, but I prefer her for some reason. If you compare the line drawings of the Fraser and Renfrew patterns - one view is very similar. Vogue? Still wondering if I will purchase the Brenne pattern for the blouse.

  9. thanks for doing these posts I really enjoy reading them. I never see much of anything in the fall and winter Vogue patterns, I am a summer girl and just tolerate the change of seasons. Active wear - those patterns are cute although the jackets would be useless here and also I just can't be bothered to sew things that I can so easily buy for immediate gratification (active wear, bras etc, and jeans fall into this category for me)

  10. That button placket on the Gwen dress is hideous. And the giant diamond on the Diamond dress - - I can't even...

    So yeah, it's safe to say that I won't be purchasing either of these patterns. I do like the Denver pattern, however, I am annoyed about the shoulders being too small on that top.

    Pattern designers seem to ignore the fact that most sewers base how things may fit them by how they look on the model. I am loathe to think that some poor beginner will believe that's how the shirt is supposed to fit.

    I like the Sewaholic patterns but I'm not a pear and I don't sew activewear. The Vogue patterns - - meh.

  11. Oh dear, that is tragic print placement. What in the world were they thinking? I like the Denver tunic and dress pattern. I have considered buying it and wonder if the color blocking will give the illusion of a smaller bustline on me. Interesting about the shoulder area. I love that they show this on a plus model and I actually thought the shoulder area was slimming. It makes me wonder if these shoulders actually fit, and most that hang off the shoulders do not.

  12. I love the new Sewaholic patterns! They don't fit in with my current sewing plans though, as (1) I'm in Alberta, Canada which is already too cold for those lovely jackets, and (2) I'm not buying any new fabric until I work down my stash/hoard, and these are not common Fabrics :-( Next spring, maybe....

    I thought Vogue had some very bizarre fabrics this release! The super-psychedelic print V9159?? I guess they heard the 70's is back in fashion and got out their old stash.